We don’t like fueling up the heated Android vs. iOS debate, considering that both platforms have made our lives a lot easier with their flagship offerings. iOS on the most powerful iPhones is always a pleasure to experience and with the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra, if rumours are to be believed), we expect Apple to deliver the goods yet again. Adding to the excitement is the standard iPhone 15, which is also shaping up to be an impressive upgrade over its controversial predecessor, especially considering the arrival of the rumoured USB-C charging port. But the iPhone 15 might find it difficult to stay in the limelight when Google’s Pixel 8 drops as its fiercest rival a few weeks later.

The Google Pixel 8 leaks have already given us a glimpse of everything we can expect from Android’s hero smartphone. While there’s no drastic change to the Pixel 8 this year, the finer refinements could make it tough for consumers to choose between it and the iPhone 15. Given that we already have enough information about both smartphones, we decided to pitch them against each other and figure out how they compare.

Hence, in our Google Pixel 8 vs iPhone 15 showdown, we will take a look at everything we know about the two upcoming flagship phones and try to see which one fares better.

Google Pixel 8 vs iPhone 15

We will look at all of the leaked information and compare these smartphones on the following aspects.

Launch dates

Come September 12, Apple will take the cover off the iPhone 15 series. The focus, as usual, seems to be on the iPhone 15 Pro for its Titanium frame and all the other bigger upgrades. However, the vanilla iPhone 15 is also being anticipated due to the likely inclusion of Dynamic Island and a USB-C charging port.

Google, meanwhile, will wait for the iPhone 15’s hype to fall off before announcing the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro to the world on October 4, 2023. All the eyes will be on the Pixel 8 Pro for its bigger improvements to the cameras and display but the standard Pixel 8 will be refined enough to be presented as a formidable rival to the iPhone 15 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24.


Design is one aspect where Google has shone brightly in the past. Now, based on the Pixel 8 leaks, it seems like Google could take a big lead here with the Pixel 8’s refined design.

While the design seems to be based on the Pixel 7’s compact and practical frame, the curved edges on the rear along with the enlarged lens housings on the camera visor make the Pixel 8 stand out. The flat display will flaunt slimmer bezels and a small cutout for the front camera, which is a standard affair in the Android universe.

google pixel 8 vs iphone 15
Image Credits: Courtesy Mysmartprice / Onleaks

On the other hand, the iPhone 15 is expected to largely retain the design laid out by the iPhone 13 two years ago. The diagonally stacked rear cameras will stay and so will its flat sides. However, the sharp edges will be blunted out and Apple will finally get rid of the dated notch in favour of the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island. The USB-C port will be another change that not many users will notice.


The Dynamic Island will be the biggest change for the iPhone 15’s display, considering the rest of the package won’t change much over the iPhone 14. Apple is still rumoured to offer a 60Hz OLED display on the iPhone 15, which in the remaining months of 2023 and the entirety of 2024 wouldn’t command a technological lead over similarly priced rivals from Samsung and Google. The slimmer bezels and the Dynamic Island will most likely be the only changes seen on the iPhone 15’s display.

On the Google Pixel 8, the changes are expected to be more notable. Based on the newest leaks, the display size will be limited to a compact 6.2 inches and Google will use an OLED panel with a higher refresh rate of 90Hz, although some rumours hint at a variable refresh rate between 10Hz-120Hz. The display will be flat but its corners will be more rounded this year, in a similar fashion to the Samsung Galaxy S23. The Pixel 8’s display is also expected to feature an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner though you shouldn’t count out the good old optical fingerprint sensor (yet).

Google Pixel 8 vs iPhone 15: What about the Specifications and performance?

The Google Pixel 8 will also amuse us with its new Tensor G3 chipset. Rumoured to be based on the newer Samsung Exynos 2200 chip, the Tensor G3 is expected to be faster and help the on-device AI algorithms perform better. The chip will be accompanied by 8GB RAM as standard and Google could still offer 128GB of base storage. The Pixel 8 will launch with Android 14 onboard and is expected to bring several novel features like Magic Audio Eraser, more customisation options and improved security.

google pixel 8 vs iphone 15
Representational Image / Courtesy Apple

The iPhone 15 will also debut Apple’s latest iOS 17 as its choice of operating system, bringing more customisation and improved features related to file sharing, iMessage, widgets interactions and more. However, the iPhone 15 won’t get Apple’s newest A17 chip. Instead, rumours suggest that Apple will re-assign the A16 Bionic chip from the iPhone 14 Pro for duty on the iPhone 15. While the A16 Bionic is no slouch, it won’t be as power efficient and capable as the 3nm A17 chipset assigned for the iPhone 15 Pro variants.


The Google Pixel 8 has always owned the camera section in a head-to-head comparison with the iPhones of the past. For this year, rumours suggest that Google will use a newer 50-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL GN2 image sensor for the main camera and a 12-megapixel Sony sensor for the ultrawide camera. Together with the 10.8-megapixel selfie camera, the Pixel 8 could once again leave us impressed with its superior still photography.

The iPhone 15 will get an even bigger upgrade than the Pixel 8. A new 48-megapixel main camera is expected to improve still photography as well as videography performance, especially in low-light situations. The larger sensor could finally allow for a 2x lossless digital zoom that could aid in better portrait photography.

Battery life

Battery life has always been a stronghold of the iPhone and with this year’s iPhone 15, it is rumoured that Apple will put in a bigger capacity battery. This, along with the A16 Bionic chip, could make the iPhone 15 more power efficient, resulting in improved battery life. The USB-C port could make charging the device easier, although iPhone loyalists could also piggyback on Apple’s 15W MagSafe charger.

google pixel 8 vs iphone 15
Representational Image: Courtesy Google

Google’s Pixel 7 had issues with its battery stamina but rumours hint at improvements with the Pixel 8’s battery life. The Pixel 8 is expected to use a similar 4,485mAh battery and when paired with the more power-efficient Tensor G3 chipset, the smartphone could provide all-day battery life. Google is also expected to offer a slightly faster 24W wired charging solution along with a 15W wireless charging solution.


With all the upgrades that Apple has in store, the iPhone 15 is rumoured to cost the same as the iPhone 14. The base 128GB variant of the iPhone 15 could end up costing USD 799 and you can expect the price to go up to USD 899 for the 256GB variant.

In comparison, the Google Pixel 8 is rumoured to see a price hike this year. The base variant with 128GB storage could cost EUR 874, which roughly amounts to USD 943.

Google Pixel 8 Vs iPhone 15: Our take

We defer from giving an outright verdict until we have had our hands on these devices. That said, based on the leaked information, the Google Pixel 8 could be a geeky delight for smartphone users this year. Apple seems to be playing it safe with the iPhone 15 but the inclusion of the USB-C port as well as the improved cameras could make it a smart pick in the premium smartphone segment.

(Hero and Featured Image Credits: Courtesy Thai Nguyen via Unsplash)

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Google Pixel 8 Vs iPhone 15: Which Upcoming Flagship Is Better?
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