Joel Lambert, a highly skilled former US Navy SEAL member and an escape/evasion expert is here to teach us a few survival tricks. While we don’t encourage paranoia, we know these will carry you through danger, whether you’re in one of the “cleanest” or grittiest cities around. Because who knows? Anything could happen.

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Shoelace escape – Replace the laces in your shoes with parachute cord, otherwise known as a 550 cord. It’s extremely durable and can serve as a friction saw to cut your way out of plastic restraints.

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Wallet-sized E&E tool – Just in case you run into unneccessary trouble in a third-world country, here’s a mini survival kit jam packed with tips, a blade, Kevlar Cordage, signal mirror, handcuff key, fish hooks and more.

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Leatherman Tread Bracelet – Crafted with high strength, this corrosion resistant stainless steel bracelet is able to include up to three functional tools in each link, making up a total of 25 usable features like box wrenches and screwdrivers. This way, you’re able to carry your tools everywhere and anywhere without getting into trouble.

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A-K Band by Gearward – This Anti-Kidnapping Band combines a ceramic razor blade, a length of Kevlar cord and a universal polymer handcuff key in a concealed band worn around your watch strap. Very cool. I pair this with my Garmin Tactix, which I absolutely love. Optimized for special operations, it’s a GPS watch with so much more. Trust me, whoever designed it got it right.

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Pocket Square – Your favorite pocket square can quickly become a blackjack, used for knocking guards and sentries unconscious. You can pre-load your pocket square with a weighted object – large lead fishing tackle or lead shot works best – and have it ready for quick action, especially if you’re right-handed as the pocket is at the left breast.

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Sunjack Portable Solar Charger – Nowadays, we all stay plugged in. Not only do I depend on my device for social media updates (follow me on Twitter @Joel5326), but it’s extremely useful to evade situations like small talk. This is how you ensure your device won’t die once you’re off the grid. Dubbed the world’s most powerful charger, it is as effective as any wall charger. All you need is to get this bad boy some sun and plug right back in.

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CRKT Tactical Pen – When I can’t carry a folding knife, a tactical pen is one of my go-to personal defense tools. CRKT makes a great one. Made from precision-machined aluminium, it’s a refined and functional pen that works in freezing cold, boiling heat, underwater and even upside down. It also works as a weapon, which one can readily use to inflict pain and injury.

Joel Lambert returns to television this July 7 (on the Discovery Channel, StarHub channel 422) in Manhunt, an extreme survival game with indigenous hunters and animals


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