It’s not easy to gift tech products. Such devices are highly personal after all, and everyone has different likes and dislikes – just think of how varied preferences are when it comes to headphones alone. Still, there are options to consider if you’re looking for the perfect tech gift. In fact, here are two from LG that are versatile enough to suit anyone and improve his/her quality of life. What’s more, these products will see frequent use, and what better way is there to be a constant presence in someone’s life?

PraL Derma LED Mask

LG tech Derma LED Mask

As part LG’s PraL series of high-tech beauty/grooming products, the Derma LED Mask was developed to firm the skin and restore its elasticity using the brand’s expertise in LED technology. Its 80 red and 80 infrared red LEDs produce both long- and short-wave light that penetrates the skin to different depths. This encourages cell regeneration in the various skin layers, which in turn creates a firmer, more radiant mien.

Strapped for time? Just nine minutes of usage a day over four weeks is needed for visible results. This figure isn’t an accident, by the way. LG has optimised the amount of light produced/absorbed in this nine-minute window – for both safety and efficacy – after extensive research and testing. In fact, a study showed that participants saw a 100 per cent improvement in skin tone and 92 per cent improvement in inner skin density after using this FDA-approved device twice a week for six weeks.

Consider this a supplement to your existing skincare regime – the Derma LED Mask will deliver faster and more obvious results with little more than nine minutes a day. You can even wear it and go about your activities during this period, as it comes with an eye-shield that minimises glare from the LED lights, as well as a transparent visor that ensures that the user’s vision isn’t impeded when the mask is on. Our recommendation, however, is to take a breather and practise some mindfulness exercises to recentre yourself in these nine minutes.

Get the LG PraL Derma LED Mask online from these retailers.

PuriCare Mini Air Purifier

LG tech PuriCare Mini

The PuriCare Mini is the world’s first filter-type portable air purifier, which makes it possible for you to enjoy clean air in any environment you’re in. This device’s size and weight is similar to that of a 500-millilitre bottle of water, but it’s capable of detecting and removing 99 per cent of particulates as small as 0.3 microns across.

Size, weight, and portability are obviously the PuriCare Mini’s main draws, but it comes with a host of other features that makes it a particularly compelling option. For one, it’s fast – 50 per cent of the inside of a car can be cleaned in as little as 10 minutes. Should the need arise, it can be quiet too, with noise levels of just 30dB when operating in the “Low” setting. Finally, its filter is rated for 2,000 hours of operation, so you can expect to change it just once every six months even with 12 hours of daily usage.

Monitoring the device can be easily done with LG’s ThinQ app via a smartphone or tablet, so you’ll have full visibility of your device – and environment – wherever you are.

The LG PuriCare Mini is available on various online retail platforms here.

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