This week the German camera experts are introducing the world to it’s beautiful new mirrorless camera design. Using the renowned Leica APS-C System, the CL combines deft handling and nifty technology within an impeccably designed body.

If you’re anything like me, lugging around a bulky camera bag to fit a DSLR and multiple lenses, is not my idea of fun on a holiday. With the outstanding features Leica is able to fit  within a compact and lightweight body, this camera is ideal for the wandering tourist. With the festive season just around the corner as well, it’ll make a handsome gift for your significant other.


We haven’t taken the CL for a proper test drive yet, but here are a few features that prospective buyers can look out for. The first is the electronic viewfinder that comes with EyeRes technology developed by Leica specifically for this camera. The interesting thing about this piece of tech is that it provides a latency time below the threshold of perception, and a resolution of 2.36 million pixels, so your viewing experience is going to be pretty spectacular.

Another handy feature that comes with the CL is its integrated WiFi module. What does this mean for the user? Snap a picture, download it to your phone, and share it to your Instagram feed within seconds. The app that facilitates this works for both iOS and Android, so you don’t have to worry. The app can also double up as an off-camera viewfinder, so if you’re going to hold your camera above a crowd to snap a picture, you can use your phone to see what you’re shooting.


Thanks to the L-Bayonet mount, TL-Lenses and SL-Lenses can be used on the CL without an adaptor. If you already own Leica-M or R-Lenses, there are appropriate adaptors available as well.

Stay tuned for a full update and review on the Leica-CL.

The Leica CL (body only) is currently available at all Leica stores for $3990.

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The New Leica-CL Camera is a Stunner

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