Nintendo’s handheld gaming platform Switch was released to much fanfare in 2017. Since then, it has gone on to be regarded as the red-headed stepchild of the console world, albeit with a lot more charm than you’d expect. With the announcement of the new Switch (which will be referred to as Switch 2 for the purpose of this article) and Switch Lite, fans of Nintendo are already anxious about the plethora of new features these two new iterations will bring.

Switch 2
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On the outside, the new version of the Switch seems indistinguishable from the current release. In terms of screen size, features and product dimensions , nothing has been changed. What is notable however, is the improvement of the battery unit. The current Switch has a battery life of between 2.5 and 6.5 hours. The upgraded version boosts this by about 50%, putting it within the range of 4.5 to 9 hours. To top it all off, there is to be no change in retail price (US$300) between the two versions.

Switch Lite
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The strength of the Switch has always been its versatility – gamers could choose to go with either the handheld, tabletop or TV-docked route. For those who are strictly on-the-go gamers (or just can’t be bothered with hooking things up to a TV), the Switch Lite trades that triple functionality for a slimmer package and  handheld-only usage. Being around 10% smaller, the Switch Lite sports a 5.5-inch, 720p touchscreen and weighs in at a little over half of the regular Switch’s weight. Controllers are built-in with no rumble feature, but does come with a d-pad. Storage space remains unchanged, even though battery life is now a reduced 3-7 hours. The Switch Lite will retail at USD$200.

Which should you get?

In terms of maximum value, the Switch 2 sits atop the heap. With the increase in battery life, gamers won’t have to charge as often and can look forward to longer play sessions without having to plug in. The fact that all this can be had at the same price as the original Switch makes the choice a no-brainer. However, if you’re the sort that can derive all the pleasure you require from a strictly handheld device, then the Switch Lite would indubitably come across as more desirable and at only two-thirds of the Switch 2’s cost.

With both models set to release this fall, there should be enough time for you to come to a suitable decision. Which will you get: the Switch 2 or Switch Lite? Let us know!

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