Tell someone you’re spending $250 on a pair of headphones and no one bats an eye. Tell them you’re spending $250 a computer mouse, however, and chances are, you’re about to get a long lecture on the virtue of finances. What’s the difference though? For anyone looking to spend hours gaming, comfort is of utmost importance. In headphones, a slightly heavier set can easily mean a headache after a gaming session. You pay for the light mesh cups, the aluminium frame and anything that can alleviate the weight.

It’s the same with mice.

Logitech’s latest G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse is without a doubt, one of the best mice I’ve ever tested. Sure, its price is something to consider but given its specs, anyone looking for a long term gaming mouse will have his money’s worth. 

Wireless Ease

I’ve never been a fan of wireless mice. For anyone playing first person shooter (FPS) games, the minimal lag from older wireless mice is not small enough to go unnoticed. The days of missing your opponent by the fraction of a second are gone however. The G900’s latency is low enough to a point that after testing across games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I never felt like I was sacrificing reaction time for a less cluttered desk. The optical sensor of the G900 isn’t remotely affected at all when switching between wired and the 2.4GHz wireless mode.  

Battery Life

The drawback of a wireless mouse is usually the complain that the battery dies out too often and the wireless mouse soon turns into a constantly wired one. Making sure to charge and use it wirelessly, the G900 gave me ample battery life. With an hour (or four) of gaming a night, the mouse had to be recharged once every two weeks and easy enough to do as it charges through your USB ports.

Ambidextrous Use

Besides its ability to go wireless seamlessly, the G900 will perhaps go down as the best gaming mouse for the left-handed users. While plenty of left-handers have been beaten down by societal norms enough to just use right-handed mice, there are quite a few people who have swapped sides. The G900 allows for re-adjusting of the side buttons and panels to cover the ones you won’t use. 

There really isn’t anything that I can complain about the G900 actually. For someone that games quite a fair bit, it ticked off all boxes that I asked for. At $249, it may not be an easy buy to stomach but it really is in a class of its own, thanks to the ambidextrous usage. 

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