With the pandemic still very much present in countries across the globe, there is an inevitable demand for sanitisers. It is a segment that California tech company Moshi is eager to address, with its own patented UV sanitiser.

Driven by consumers who aim to defy the possibilities of contamination, many companies have tapped on innovative technology to produce advanced disinfectants. While sanitising our hands are of vital importance during these trying times, it is also imperative to regularly disinfect our essentials as we are constantly in contact with them – as troublesome as it sounds.

Moshi UV Sanitiser
Achieve optimal cleaning in just four minutes

To help alleviate some of these struggles, Moshi has launched a portable UV sanitiser case that provides optimal cleaning in just four minutes. Named Deep Purple UV Sanitiser, the device is conceived with long-lasting UV-C LED lights combined with Moshi’s LumiClear transparent platform and a highly reflective interior coating to ensure a full 360-degree cleanse. Not to mention, the device has a large cleaning chamber to sanitise your personal belongings and more in just one cycle.

portable UV Sanitiser
Portable and practical

Despite its spacious compartment, the case is only sized at 21.7cm by 18.4cm by 2cm when folded. Besides, it can be powered by any charger and anywhere — encompassing the definition of convenience. As a strong believer in its products, Moshi has proudly committed to a 10-year global warranty program, offering a no-question warranty for consumers.

For those who want to get their hands (and products) clean and on this product, Moshi’s Deep Purple UV Sanitiser is now available in Ante stores as well as KrisShop and Sift and Pick.

(Images: Moshi)

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