Carrying on with its series of video interviews with friends of Sennheiser around Asia, in commemoration of its 20th anniversary in the region, Sennheiser takes us next to South Korea, one of the world’s most technologically advanced cities. While we were still messing around with keypads on our phones and working out how to surf the internet, Seoul was already playing with touchscreens and terrestial television channels on the phone. Small wonder that the Koreans take the gadgets and technology seriously.

Seoul’s youth culture is deeply involved with gaming, which they take seriously – competitions are organised around shooting campaigns, and prize money is involved. Team Euro, one of the best gaming groups in Seoul, insists on using Sennheiser when they play because of the clarity of sound that it offers, thanks to the single driver design of its headphones. While some other companies insist on using multiple drivers, Sennheiser believes that in delivering clean and pure sound, a single driver offers the best results.

According to Team Euro, when gaming, it’s essential that they can clearly make out sounds like footsteps behind them, movements, gunshot directions and more, so that they have an edge over their competitors. Sennheiser delivers just that.

Check out the video behind Sennheiser’s Seoul Sound Heroes, and find out more about why Team Euro prefers Sennheiser!

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Sennheiser Sound Heroes – Episode 3
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