The first thing you will notice about the WI-1000X is the interesting, and to say the least innovative design. The headphones stem off a headband you wear around your neck, allowing you to forget it is even there. The headphones also have a built-in feature that alerts you when you receive calls. A vibration on the back of your neck will act as the alert. One thing to note is that the band does take some getting used to since all the buttons are on it. For maximum ease, you should learn the feel of each button so you can effortlessly control your music. Until then, you might go through a period of having to take them off every time you are looking for one. Another disadvantage I found is how the headband reduces the portability of the headphones. The large structure means you can’t just stuff them in your pocket at any time, however as mentioned they are made to easily sit around your neck throughout the day. The shape makes them comfortable to work out in as well. In the box there was also a set of various sized silicone ear tips that can be used to change the shape and fit of the headphones in order to get the most suitable and personalized feel.


A standout feature of the headphones is the noise canceling technology. It is one of the more developed technologies of its type as it has the ability to detect changes in your environment and adapt to them. There are automatic options, but users can adjust the intensity of noise cancellation manually to suit their environment. Do note that every time you switch the noise cancellation on or off it beeps, interrupts the music and makes a statement. This could get annoying for someone who is moving between places and has to constantly be switching it on or off.


The battery life is good, with 10 hours of wireless playback with noise cancellation switched on. So whether you have a busy day ahead or simply going to the gym, you won’t have to worry about your headphones dying on you. For those going on long-haul flights, the headphones can be used with a cable-wire which gives you 14 hours of playback with noise cancellation on. With these, Sony has taken frequent flyers into consideration as the headphones come with an airplane plug adapter. In addition, the headphones feature Atmospheric Pressure Optimization which improves the sound and noise cancellation aspects when listening at higher altitudes.

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