To say the Google Nest Hub is the centre of a connected home is an understatement. But now, its also designed to help you sleep better.

Tech giant, Google has officially introduced the highly anticipated second generation Nest Hub to shelves in Singapore. The new Nest Hub brings everything people already know and love about Nest smart displays. It also delivers access to your favourite entertainment whilst doubling up as a digital photo frame with improved hardware and features including those that help you get more quality shut-eye.

The new features of the new Google Nest Hub include an enhanced speaker with 50% more bass than the original. It also sports a faster and more responsive Assistant, using an on-device ML chip and a third mic. A built-in thread radio also makes it even simpler to control compatible devices in your home.

Google Nest Hub 2nd gen

Other key features of the new Nest Hub include an updated industrial design, with an edgeless glass display making it easier to wipe clean. It is also built with more sustainable materials, with 54% post-consumer recycled plastic. The new second generation Google Nest Hub also utilises the Soli chip to detect nearby motion and movement, which is key to enhancing your sleep.

That’s right, the new second generation Google Nest Hub delivers new and improved sleep features to users. This includes enhanced sleep summary via the sleep staging hypnogram chart in the Sleep Quality screen. Here you can access more details about how you slept throughout the night i.e. Light, REM, Deep, and Awake.

The Sleep Duration screen will now give you the amount of time you spent in each stage of sleep so you can get familiar with your body’s typical behaviour. Sound detection updates also shows you cough and snore timelines from your calibrated sleeping area. This new timeline will also display any other loud noises that your Nest Hub detects (e.g., alarms, dog barking, etc.).

To help you get a good night’s sleep, Meditations from Calm, the current number one app for sleep and meditation is also now available on the second-gen Nest Hub.

(Images: Google)

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The Second Generation Google Nest Hub Is Here But Is It Any Good?
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