Facial wrinkle formation is inevitable, but this isn’t the case when it comes to wrinkles on clothing. While it may seem exasperating to iron your outfits incessantly, having them wrinkle-free and being in pristine form is key to making a good impression.

That said, ironing our repertoire of luxe suits might not be the best idea – unless you don’t mind scorch marks. At this point of the story, I am pretty sure you are at sea, scratching your head as you think of a solution to this conundrum. But fret not, and read on. 

Over the years, garment steamers seem to have gained popularity thanks to their prowess to straighten out creases easily and quickly, without running the risk of damaging clothes. Amongst the sundry steamers in the market, I have had the opportunity to experience a handful of them, including the latest Stockholm Cirrus No.2 Handheld Steamer from Steamery.

Upon receiving the package, I was greeted by a minimalistic box housing the sleek device. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed by its lavish aesthetic and presentation. But as one with sweaty palms, I was first blown away by its rubberised and ergonomically designed handle. Not only does it proffer a firm grip, its curved silhouette moulds comfortably into my hands. However, the real question is: how well does it work? 

I took the plunge and tested the steamer on one of my favourite cotton dress shirts. What surprised me, again, was how fast the water boiled. It started emitting hot steam almost instantly and was ready to be used. And yes, it eradicates wrinkles through hot steam. So do note that it is not advisable to use it on leather, suede, and silk – unless you are going for a distressed look rather than an immaculate finishing. 

Steamery Cirrus No.2 Steamer
The Steamery Cirrus No.2 Steamer in action

Without pressure, I began to glide the steamer across the creases. While it straightened out the wrinkles after two passes, I noticed shallow dirt vanishing in the bargain. It is almost like a dry-cleaning treatment but at no cost and can be done in the comfort of your own home. However, with all garment steamers, it is almost impossible not to burn yourself at least once. Thus, it is imperative to be in the land of the living as you de-wrinkle your fineries. 

The Steamery Cirrus No.2 Steamer is available and exclusively sold by antė in Singapore

Header Image: gadgenda.com

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Steamery’s Cirrus No.2 Steamer: The Solution To Your Wrinkled Outfits

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