The BPI6449BX, perfect for petite kitchens

The thing most people dread about cooking is having to clean up. When the fun of experimenting with spices, tossing ingredients in a wok, and plating with style is over, you have to address the chaos that is your kitchen. Here’s where Brandt’s induction hobs have a leg up on more conventional gas hobs. The flat surfaces of the BPI6449BL (80cm) and the more petite BPI6449X (60cm) make it a breeze when it comes to cleaning. These hobs also come with a Clean Lock feature, which temporarily locks the touchscreen controls, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing buttons while you’re cleaning up.

The BPI6449BL, more space to get creative.

The crowning glory of these hobs is Brandt’s introduction of horizonetech, a nifty piece of technology that affords zoneless cooking. Thanks to the French manufacturer’s patented induction coil system that blends solid hardware and innovative design, these induction hobs are able to achieve definitively even heating across the cooking surface. Seasoned cooks will know just how important this feature is, especially when trying to grill the perfect steak.
This ingenious layout also supports cooking with pots and pans of all shapes and sizes, so you won’t have to get new cookware just for the hob, unless you want to.

$2,699 and $2,499 for the BPI6449BL and the BPI6449X respectively. More information at 

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