After a decade of many commercial failures and much simmering, virtual reality (VR) games are finally materialising in the mainstream market.

The fantastic leap from looking at the game to being in the game is a – well, game-changer – that you have to try. Whether you are a solo gamer or looking for hours of immersive fun or are looking for a woke activity that your large group of friends can get into, here are some of the best VR experiences available in Singapore right now.


games for when you are at home

Congratulations, you’re a relatively early adopter if you own a Playstation 4 kitted out with the PS VR suite, an Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. These titles below have the capacity to be the mainstay of your VR experience.
If you’re considering buying into the trend, however, we recommend you wait just a little longer for the Oculus Quest so you can snag the new tech, or buy the previous-gen ones at a discount. Otherwise, make sure you have somewhere close to $1,000 prepped to get into the high-end of VR. (On the other hand, there are plenty of free, fun games on the zero-cost DIY versions of the Google Cardboard.)

Beat Saber


If you haven’t seen clips of the VR game poster child Beat Saber by now, we’ve done some legwork to pick out the best ones for you.

The game basically takes our fantasies of becoming a Jedi Knight (or Sith Lord) and crosses it with the Para Para and Guitar Hero genres. You slip on the goggles, unsheathe two lightsabers (it’s never marketed as such, but come on) and go to town on a series of hapless virtual boxes – all in time to the hippest beats of the year.

With all the sword-swinging, ducking and sidestepping, this hit is massively cathartic and ultimately a great workout. It’s also garnered a great user community actively churning out custom content with the latest music hits. Expect it to go hyper-mainstream once some celebs pick it up.

Available on PS VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift. 

We promised you Sith Lord, didn’t we? Kylo could use some lessons from this guy.

Rec Room


It’s free. It’s multiplayer. It’s got bowling. It’s got charades. It’s got paintball. Enough said.

Available on PS VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift.

Superhot VR

Another fantasy brought to life via a simple concept. This time you’re handed the time-slowing abilities of emulate Neo (The Matrix) – or Quicksilver (X-Men) for the younger folk.

How? Simple. Time stops when you cease moving- so you’re free to freeze after your 3D opponents open fire at you, then puzzle over which way to bend your torso to avoid said bullets.

The game’s simple premise can render it somewhat repetitive after a while, but all reviews point to a title that you’ll constantly dip back into, if only to sate the addiction to the time-bending superpower.

Available on PS VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift.


Old but gold. Prepare to surrender thousands of hours of your life to rebuilding your Skyrim avatar in this full port of the hit Elder Scrolls installment. You’ll still be using D-pads and buttons for regular navigation, but combat and spellcasting are much more visceral now that motion control is in the picture.

Plus, you know, it’s nice to view one of the largest open-world games ever created in first person.

Available on PS VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift.



Can’t expect everyone to buy into a VR headset and software, can we? These modern-day arcades provide you and your friends the space, hardware, software and expertise to set it all up. It’s the lasertag / paintball outing of this era.


One of the forerunners in the VR Space, V-Room affords you some of the titles we mentioned above at pocket-friendly, per pax prices. It’s two-to-go for the smallest rooms.
The same company’s eventually planning to offer set-up services at event or residential sites, so keep this in mind for your next house party. Do note that the JCube location has shuttered, while the more accessible Orchard Gateway branch is still going strong.

V-Room, #02-02, Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858. Tel: +65 6677 8478.

Virtual Room Singapore

Are your friends not fans of video games? There’s still room for them in VR. Specifically, the Virtual Room. This multinational escape room franchise adds a VR element to the already popular escape room format.
What’s the point, you ask? Well, instead of having to play along with crummy props and ageing escape room setups, you and your crew will be transported to zones and situations that no physical space can emulate. Definitely worth a visit if you’re all already into the scene.
Virtual Room, Lucky Chinatown, Basement 3, 211 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059432. Tel: +65 6966 8060.

Zero Latency

How ‘virtual’ is the playground if it gives you an entire 4,200sqft to work with? That’s about a third of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The largest of Singapore’s VR funlands, Zero Latency delivers the most realistic experience of the lot by allowing you to actually run around without walling you in. They’ve also got hyper-realistic pump-action firearms that require some sustained strength to reload, so don’t do this right after the gym.

Zero Latency, Suntec City, #03-346, 3 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038983. Tel: +65 6931 0331.

written by.
Xiangjun Liao
XJ is the associate digital editor and works the F&B, tech, watch and motoring beats. Correspondingly, he's an alcoholic carnivore with a boyish fascination for all things mechanical. No prizes for guessing which Jaguar he wishes to commandeer.

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