If smart shaving technology is anything to go by, we’re about a hair’s breadth away from laser-assisted shaving or automated operations. Phillips’ latest is the Series 9000, with paramount functions such as an automated self-cleaning and lubricating function to ensure you next shave is smooth.


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The cordless shaver has a rechargeable battery within that lasts for 50 minutes, ample if you’re away on a work trip without needing to bring the charger along (it comes with a convenient travel case). For beard-wearers, a smart trimmer can be swopped out to keep you out of Shaggy beard zone. 

Phillips Series 9000 shaver in black and silver S9711/31, promotion at $549 (U.P. $699), comes with free Phillips Men’s Facial Cleansing Brush worth $69


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The flexible directional heads of the Series 9000 shaver turn up to 30 degrees in each angle, lifting and cutting the hairs on the skin to ensure a close shave. Whether you’re a hirstute male or a clean-shaven smooth operator, it’s an ideal shaving partner.

Phillips Series 9000 shaver in black and bronze S9511/41, promotion at $499 (U.P. $579), comes with free Phillips Men’s Facial Cleansing Brush worth $69

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