Our hair is an ornament when used correctly. It creates an atmosphere and sets a mood. It helps us emanate vibes, and is a great tool to showcase our personality. Celebrity hairstylists Calvin Gan and Ryan Yap drop pointers on the best styles to adopt – and as it turns out, they’re not necessarily the cuts that fashion show models strut on the runway.

“Runway hairstyles might not be realistic for the everyday person,” the creative director of Hairloom said. “I’d advise my clients to go for a strong masculine cut to suit and complement their features, especially when they want fuss free maintenance.”

Considering the bulk of us run back-to-back meetings interspersed with business luncheons, Gan and Yap tell us how we can transform ourselves, taking inspirations from celebrities’ new hairstyles. Here are some hassle-free cuts that might well shore up your confidence in the hair department.

01: The Taper Fade


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If you are looking for something safee yet which gives you an edge, the taper fade is for you. A blend of classic and contemporary, it is one of the most iconic hairstyles that offer a clean and masculine look. It is a great hairstyle for most face shapes, Gan adds, and it brings out the fringe cut and hair structure.

It is also relatively easy to style and maintain – small wonder it is gaining traction. What’s best is that it is versatile for all situations that you might find yourself in — from a casual date to a networking event.

02: The Buzz Cut


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Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber and Channing Tatum has showed us that the buzz cut trend never gets old. And Yap tells us that former footballer and style icon David Beckham is the one to look out for when you’re looking for what hairstyle to don next. Beckham was seen sporting a refreshing buzz cut in Miami earlier this month.

There is no doubt that the buzz cut is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain (don’t bother with the styling and only trimming is involved each time), so if you have the courage to send the razors running through your hair, we’d suggest you go for the shave. But the buzz does not suit all of us, so be careful. Men with oval and angular faces are typically more suited.

03: The Crew Cut


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The modern crew cut – and military cut – are also gaining popularity due to its versatility. The crew cut can be short or long as you like it, and can be paired with slightly shaved sides and even a beard. “Most can definitely carry this look,” Gan says.

The crew cut also allows you to add a splash of creativity when it comes to styling; you can spike it up on some days or leave them natural and slightly tousled when going for a more relaxed look. Gan adds: “It gives a very clean cut, bold look to the client.”

04: Long Fringe


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The Korean Wave has hit the shores of Hollywood, and one rising trend is the blunt fringe. South Korean boyband BTS is ranked the country’s most powerful and influential celebrity by Forbes, and has been retweeted more than half a billion times worldwide in 2017 — making the account the most retweeted ever, ahead of president Donald Trump. The band’s vocalist Jeon Jungkook is seen sporting the long fringe. To spice things up and add a modern touch, opt for more vivid colours. Your hair wwill pop if you have them bleached or in pastel shades or if you sport bleached locks against contrasting black clothes.

05: Blunt or Cropped Fringe


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Best for those with straight or textured hair, the blunt or cropped fringe is also a popular option. This hairstyle works best for those who want to have a fringe but who cannot be bothered to deal with the hassle of styling or maintaining one. It also flatters most face shapes and often forms a mushroom-like shape when longer, giving a child-like touch to your appearance – just like South Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun.

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5 of the trendiest hairstyles for men that you can pull off
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