Created with long-term fragrance partner of Aesop, Barnabé Fillion, the unorthodox trio: Miraceti, Karst, and Erémia, took inspiration from the juxtapositions found in spaces – environments that blur the boundaries of the past and present, real and unreal, here and there.

“A window into nature, so to speak, one that invites a dialogue with surroundings that we inhabit but often overlook,” explained Barnabé Fillion. “This collection is about the story of interstitial space; it is a piece of research on Heterotopias. The concept served as scaffolding the development of these perfumes.”

Fillion pays homage to the work of Gaston Bachelard, as well as other philosophers that have worked with this notion. These spaces are said to be “relative to realities that are not utopic, but have a connection to mythology or poetry”, with the capacity to unlock and transport us into reveries.

While these thinkers spark our senses with their artistry, engaging and inspiring us to tap onto our metacognitive mind, Fillion aims to translate the same thought process through the trio.

The Notes of Othertopias

Miraceti pays tribute to the serenity and savagery of the seas, with its heady, swirling waves and oscillating horizon, instilling a sense of peaceful yet isolating emptiness. It opens with bright spice and fresh herbaceous notes; black pepper lends piquant warmth to rouse the senses, while hay-like Green Maté confers green herbal notes.
Labdanum hints at old, ocean-worn wood and the faint musk of a whisky-filled cellar. The formula calls on Ambrette and Styrax to round out a warm, woody and nuanced scent.

Upon first spritz, Karst seemingly transports the wearer to the sparkling shorelines. Understated aromatics and fresh spices reimagine the perfume of the air itself. Cumin and Sandalwood conjure the salty, metallic notes of a storm rolling in.
It opens with the green, gentle spice of Juniper — an understated reference to aromatic spirits — followed by a balanced crispness of Pink Pepper and piquant warmth of Black Pepper. Counterbalancing these spices is Bergamot, bringing bright, sparkling notes and elegant astringency.

Beyond the shore, Erémia unfurls. With notes of Bergamot, Iris and Yuzu, the invigorating scent strikes bright, citrus tones with earthy roots permeating throughout. Bolstering these citrus accords are Cardamom, Shiso and Basil, which work in concert to deliver subtle, fresh spice and aromatic herbal notes. Meanwhile, Mimosa leads into the heart of Erémia with its waxy, floral notes.
Interwoven throughout the top notes is the extreme, almost bitter greenness of Galbanum, heightening the vibrancy of the opening accords.

Launching on the 5th of July, the Othertopias collection is designed for those seeking complex and unique aromas that know no gender boundaries. Soon available at all Aesop signature boutiques, selected department stores and online, the olfactory portraits will each be packaged in a 50mL glass bottle and encased in an elegant carton featuring an artwork unique to each fragrance, designed by Belfast- based painter Jack Coulter.


(Images: Aesop)

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Aesop To Launch Othertopias, A Collection Of 3 Epicene Eau de Parfum
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