When you think about iconic scents, Chanel No. 5 and Axe body spray may not come to mind. But that has not stopped Brooklyn-based collective MSCHF from creating a Chanel x Axe perfume. Why? Well because it can.

The Chanel x Axe ‘collab’ is the latest item from the company, which has made ‘structured chaos’ its business model. Its main claim to fame has been its strange, cynical and seemingly random product releases that have become viral sensations.

Cynical or cool?

Taking pride in pushing boundaries, MSCHF has made weirdness its motto with its projects. Some of them include a squeaking rubber chicken bong for smoking weed. It has also produced an Air Jordan Max filled with holy water and just last month, released a Birkin bag/Birkenstock sandals, which it dubbed ‘Birkinstocks’.

Its latest project however may have usurped them all, despite it (literally) smelling funny.

Presenting The Chanel x Axe Perfume

Chanel x Axe
Say hello to Axe No.5

The company has produced a new limited-edition perfume that combines two iconic scents. In this case, it’s Chanel and Axe. According to the product release by MSCHF, the perfume combines the “most treasured brand in luxury fragrance” and “most reviled scent in locker rooms everywhere”.

MSCHF’s latest gag is undoubtedly humorous. Mostly because it has simply taken the infamous Axe Body Spray and poured it into the Chanel No. 5 bottle. It has even produced a label for what it calls the ‘Axe No.5’.

Sadly, or we should say fortunately, not many will know what this Chanel x Axe concoction smells like. The bright green perfume, which retailed for USD400 (S$538) quickly sold out in 20 minutes following its release on Monday morning.

MSCHF, which drops its product releases every second and fourth Monday of each month, will not restock the perfume. So, if you – against better judgement – desire a bottle, do keep an eye out in the secondary market.

You can also download the MSCHF app and wait for what the company will come up with next.

(Images: MSCHF)

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The Chanel x Axe Collab Is Proof Of MSCHF’s Weird Scents Of Humour
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