Over the years, men’s grooming products have become more and more complicated. We get it, you just want to wash your face, clean your torso and perhaps put on the occasional mask when no one’s around. So we’ve cut through the noise to bring to you the best grooming products for your frequent flier lifestyle.

If you reckon you’re a Night Owl or an Active Dude, we have you sorted. We’re also giving away some of the featured grooming products over at grooming.augustman.com, so make haste. You’ll require the promotional code within the June issue, so go grab one at the bookstore. It’s a good read, if we do say so ourselves.

(products are in opening picture above)

1. Muhle Travel Shaving Set with Leather Pouch
Keep your chin clean

We have no love lost for plastic hotel shavers and a shaggy beard is never a good look at corporate meetings. This Mühle travel shaving set is light, looks great and can be used with single barber razors or your five-blade options from Gillette. $335

2. Forest for Men Perfect All-in-One Facial Essence
Leave it on the whole day

Perfect for when you’re out all day playing tourist, this unassuming facial essence packs quite the punch. It has anti-ageing and moisturising properties, and doesn’t leave an oily residue. It also stays on the whole day. $40

3. Montblanc Legend Spirit Fragrance
Upgrade your smell and seat

An evolution of the classic Montblanc Legend released in 2011, the new Legend Spirit version is fresh, citrusy and generally easy on the nose of your companion or the lady seating beside you in 36F. Get ready to receive compliments. Who knows, it might even score you an upgrade to business class if you play your cards right. $120

4. Dior Homme Dermo System Repairing Moisturising Emulsion
Carry it on the plane

A parched zombie isn’t a good look when you’re exiting the plane. Have this nifty small bottle in your carry-on bag. Prior to landing, nip to the toilet and apply some to your face. It instantly moisturises while refining and mattifying your dry skin. Genuine stuff, cannot bluff. $99

5. MTG Plosion Spray
Refresh after the flight

So this was made for women but thanks to our thoughtful mates, we have found how great it is after a long flight, or even just in dry weather. It immediately hydrates the face and wakes you up to tackle the baggage carousel and airport traffic. $399

6. Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash
Thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate

Gentle enough to use daily, this unique face wash with purifying beads cleanses and exfoliates your face, leaving it squeaky clean, no matter where you are. $41

7. Bioderma Sebium H20 Solution
Dab before you sleep

Flying from one place to another can leave you fatigued. For those nights when all you want to do is crash in bed, dab a tissue or cotton pad with this and clean your face. It removes pretty much anything from your pores and purifies your skin. $14.90

8. Shiseido Men Cleansing Foam
Clean and shave your mien

The key to packing your grooming products for travel is to be as rigorous as possible, and this cleansing foam from Shiseido Men is as efficient as they come. It’s a great facial cleanser that doubles up as a shaving foam. Two for the price of one. $37

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