Photo by Natsuko Teruya Styled by Chia Wei Choong

Best Deodorant Spray: Hermès

If your sweat is offensive, the Terre d’Hermès deodorant spray should keep you smelling fresh in all the right ways. Even if you’re opposed to the idea of an antipersipirant, this one should knock the smell out of the park with a scent that lasts all day.

$119, Hermès

Best Hand Cream: Ashley & Co.

We love everything that this New Zealand brand has come up with so far. You really can’t fault this moisturiser in any way. The texture is just right, neither runny nor greasy. It smells pleasant and works like a dream. Remember, don’t let your hands lie about your age.

$34, Ashley & Co.

Best Two-in-One Cleanser: Kiehl’s

If you’re constantly finding yourself in a hurry or simply lazy, the Kiehl’s Body Fuel serves as both shampoo and body soap. The lightly scented formula contains menthol, zinc and caffeine to produce a “body high”, which does a pretty decent job at waking you up.

$39, Kiehl’s

Best Body Butter: The Body Shop

If your skin is flaky, sensitive and prone to cracking, a little body butter is all you need to keep pain and irritation at bay. The Body Shop’s Almond Milk & Honey body butter is hypoallergenic and locks in the moisture for 48 hours.

$30.90, The Body Shop

Photo by Natsuko Teruya Styled by Chia Wei Choong

Best Hand and Body Soap: Ashley & Co.

Not to bash bar soaps, but pump bottles make for quick and easy showers. The light and natural scent makes this one really pleasant to use, and it leaves the skin feeling clean and moisturised. It’s not cheap, but well worth it.

$55, Ashley & Co.

Best Body Wash: Burberry

Bar soap or body wash? The former is simple and usually inexpensive. The latter is loofah-friendly so you can scrub the muck out of your pores. We opt for the latter. Take it up a notch with the Mr Burberry Body Wash for a full olfactory experience.

$52, Burberry

Best Body Cream: Kenzo

It turns out that your body needs more than soap and water. Kenzo’s Sensual Bare Body Cream is a non-greasy formula that’s enriched with rice plant essence, which is believed to soften the skin and reduce fine lines. Plus it’s sulphate- and paraben-free.

$78, Kenzo

Best Shower Gel: L’occitane

Some shower gels dry your skin out with harsh ingredients. This one cleans up without taking a toll on your skin’s natural pH. It smells great too, leaving a trail of the zesty, aquatic L’Homme Cologne Cédrat, a neat blend of citrus notes and woody spices.

$34, L’Occitane

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