That bright pink gooey stuff that drips out of the dispenser in the showers, which your gym passes off as soap and which leaves your skin feeling as dry as parchment paper? Forget about it. There is practically zero effort required in bringing your own soap — just toss it in your bag — and these two-in-one products that both cleanse and moisturise will make your life just that much simpler and your skin that much suppler.

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Body Shop White Musk Sport Hair & Body Wash (200ml, $22.90)

Providing all-over cleansing and conditioning to leave your skin and hair looking and feeling great, this wash is subtly scented with Body Shop’s White Musk For Men fragrance. Containing notes of vetiver and sandalwood, it smells crisp and clean yet masculine, and is the perfect way to end your gruelling workout.

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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths (25 pieces, $13.90)

Sometimes you don’t want to take a shower at your gym because it’s a little grubby or you just don’t have the time. In lieu of a shower, wipe your body clean with these soft tissues that not only cleanse but also moisturise. Meant for sensitive skin, the tissues are contained in a resealable lid that prevents the cloths from drying out.

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Clinique Happy For Men Hair & Body Wash (200ml, $28)

If you have been a fan of this light and citrusy fragrance for men, there is no reason why you wouldn’t love the Hair & Body Wash. Just lightly scented so others don’t wonder if you have doused yourself in perfume, this wash leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed, and you feeling alert. Exactly what a session at the gym calls for.

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Human + Kind Shampoo+Body Wash for All Hair Types (250ml, $25)

Infused with organic ingredients such as aloe vera, oat kernel extract and grapefruit peel oil, this cleanser moisturises the skin deeply. A host of anti-oxidants also help protect the skin from environmental hazards. Best of all, this Shampoo+Body Wash combination is gentle on the hair, scalp and body, so you feel thoroughly pampered.

Available at all Superberry and WhatHeWants stores; visit and

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Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash (200ml)

Technically soap-free, this face and body wash is ideal for those with super damaged or sensitive skin. In fact, it has been clinically tested as therapy supportive skin care for skin infections, acne, atopic eczema, and psoriasis, amongst other ailments. Perfect for use all over the body, it is very concentrated so only a small amount is required.

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