Christmas Grooming Gifts for Family. Photo (from left): Penhaligon’s, Dior, Aesop, Chanel, Fresh


It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good skincare product that makes them feel like a million bucks. A generous slathering of nourishing hand cream, a refreshing body wash that makes you feel like you’re in a spa, a satisfying body scrub to reveal soft, touchable skin… You name it; someone’s gonna love it.

And there’s no better time than this Christmas to gift the most precious people in your life, AKA your family, some notable body care, grooming and beauty products in the market to indulge them in some TLC. Looking at what great reviews these iconic August Man edited products have garnered, we’re sure they’ll make more than just pretty bathroom, bedside, or vanity table accessories for everyone in your clan.

For Your Hero Dad: Nickel Brush & Shaver Set, Penhaligon’s

Nickel Brush & Shaver Set, Penhaligon’s. Photo: Penhaligon’s


Why it’s a great gift: He made sure you looked your most dapper at family events while you were growing up, yet you insisted on your tattered jeans and unruly hair because it made you look like a rock star. Or so you thought. Now that you know better, why not repay the favour and make sure your dad looks his best by keeping his facial hair groomed perfectly to a T with this shaver set from Penhaligon’s? It’s chic and his peers will definitely wish they had a son like you.

For more options, visit Penhaligon’s website here

For Your Nurturing Mum: Revitalizing Set (Limited Edition), SK-II

Revitalizing Set, SK-II. Photo: SK-II


Why it’s a great gift: She painstakingly hand washed your clothes, stirred the pot to cook your favourite home-cooked dish on your birthday, and made sure your teachers got an earful when they tried to talk smack about you at parent-teacher meetings for decades before you became a fine young man she groomed you to be. For all she’s done for you, don’t you think it’s only fair to make sure she’s well luxuriated with one of the best beauty gifts any mother could wish for? Featuring iconic products from SK-II’s extensive luxury skincare line including the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (helps slough off dead skin cells), R.N.A. POWER Radical New Age Cream (great age-defying product with its slew of potent ingredients including antioxidant chlorella extract and nourishing shea butter), Facial Treatment Mask (infused with a concentrated amount of radiance-boosting Pitera™) and the Facial Treatment Essence (in a limited edition bottle), this set will be something she will treasure long after she’s used everything up.

For more options, visit SK-II’s website here

For Your National Service-Bound Younger Brother: Dior Sauvage Cologne, Christian Dior

Dior Sauvage EDT, Dior. Photo: Dior


Why it’s a great gift: He’s always the one break the ice with his crazy antics when things are going rough for you. Now he’s away in camp, you’re kinda missing that good energy that only your younger brother can bring to the room. And when he’s back, all the good vibe is restores… together with his NS stink. Understandable, considering all that camp activity he’s been up to all week. So make him the nicest smelling platoon member among his peers with this Dior Sauvage. Blended with a gorgeous mix of spices like Sichuan and pink peppers, refreshing notes of patchouli and bergamot, and finished off with aquatic ambroxan, your brother will definitely be getting you more than just chocolates (again) this festive season.

For more options, visit Dior’s website here

For Your Career-Driven Older Brother: Perception Set, Aesop

Perception Set, Aesop. Photo: Aesop


Why it’s a great gift: Your big brother has always been around when you needed some help while growing up. Remember all your girl problems he helped sort out? Or when he defended you the time when that dude threatened to beat you up because you couldn’t stop teasing him? Or when he covered for you when your mum found your pack of cigarettes in his jeans (which you borrowed)? The Perception set from Aesop is an amazing way to say “Thanks, bruh” for all the times he’s been there for you. While the Geranium Body Cleanser helps wash all his troubles away with its spa-like balsamic-floral notes, the Redemption Body Scrub keeps his rough skin baby smooth with its crushed pumice stone and botanical-heavy formula. He can also keep the Redemption Body Balm to maintain well-moisturised skin (which his wife will also appreciate when she holds his hands) as it contains moisture-locking aloe leaf and sweet almond oil in its blend.

For more options, visit Aesop’s website here

For Your Fun-Loving Younger Sister: Space Suit Cosmic Lip Glitter, Fenty Beauty

Cosmic Lip Gloss in Spacesuit, Fenty Beauty. Photo: Sephora


Why it’s a great gift: She’s always the one to ask if you’d like food to bring home after her part-time cafe shift (on top of her tight school schedule). She’s hardly around, but she makes it known that she cares. And when she’s got some spare time, there’s no better moment for her to go out and have fun than now, so why not let her do what every growing, fun-loving girl does and let her have fun with some makeup? Fenty Beauty is all the rage now, and the Galaxy collection is a safe bet seeing how shiny, shimmering and splendid every product is in its range. The Cosmic Lip Gloss in Spacesuit is a great choice as its peach tone matches all skin types and the glittery bits add some element of festive fun to complete the whole look with a spark.

For more options, visit Sephora’s website here

For Your Doting Older Sister: Body Care Besties Set, Fresh

Bodycare Besties Set, Fresh. Photo: Fresh

Why it’s a great gift: She’s almost like a second mother, nagging and making sure you don’t misbehave (too much). But we all know it comes from a place of love because she’s always around when things aren’t going right. And when things ARE going right, she’s always the one with the biggest smile because her heart is just that big. Older sister and best friend, this Body Care Besties set is the perfect gift for her. While the brand’s iconic Brown Sugar Body Polish keeps her skin radiant and smooth with its brown sugar and luxurious oil combination, the Hesperides Grapefruit Body Wash & Shower Gel cleanses her skin and leaves her smelling fresh all day. To maintain all this skin-loving goodness, the Hesperides Grapefruit Body Lotion in the set also locks in moisture, boosts skin’s luminosity and leaves her smelling good.

For more options, visit Fresh’s website here

For Your Ride Or Die Spouse: La Crème Main, Chanel

La Crème Main, Chanel. Photo: Chanel


Why it’s a great gift: While whether you’re the greatest man alive or not is debatable, your wife never ever fails to make you feel like so. And it never hurts to get a little confidence boost from time to time. She knows you inside and out and the least you could do is to gift her with something that says “I care and love you always too” than with Chanel’s ultra luxurious La Crème Main that’s fortified with May Rose wax and Iris Pallida extract to keep her hand incredibly soft and supple. And also because we don’t know any woman who doesn’t love her creams or Chanel.

For more options, visit Chanel’s website here

Your Little Ray Of Sunshine: Orange Travel Set for Kids, Buds Organics

Orange Travel Set, Buds Organics. Photo: Pupsik Studio   


Why it’s a great gift: There’s no better way to get your kids on board with self-care and keeping themselves clean than with a good time in the bath. Buds Organics’ Orange Travel Set comes with the shampoo and shower gel duo that are infused with an all-natural fragrance of uplifting orange that will boost their energy and keep their spirits high every time they take a bath.

For more opions, visit Pupsik Studio’s website here

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Syed Zulfadhli

Syed Zulfadhli knows a thing or two... thousand about skincare and grooming.
Spoil Your Family With These Lavish Grooming Products This Christmas
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