A panacea for rough, dry, and dull skin caused by the inevitable ageing and years of shaving and UV damage, Suntory VARON combines an essence, serum, and moisturiser in one for the metropolitan men always on the move.

We get it – a skincare routine seems laborious. Having to slap on layers of products in the morning and night, half asleep, isn’t it. In the minds of many workaholics, sleep takes precedence over beauty. However, it has long been established that skincare goes beyond the superficial; your skin health plays an integral role in maintaining a healthy body. In addition, a good visage helps you to look and feel good, boosting confidence and improving mental health to boot. 

“When I see an improvement in my skin and appearance, it has a positive effect on my feelings and behaviour,” professes a Suntory customer. 

With the rise of multifaceted and multitasking products in the market, there are a myriad of solutions for professionals seeking holistic wellness. Taking its name from the Spanish word varón, which means man, Suntory VARON is Suntory Wellness’ latest skincare launch conceived for the said gents. 

Before we dive deeper into the miracle elixir – yes, Suntory Wellness, the No. 1 health supplement Japanese company that purveys skincare and haircare products, is part of Suntory Group, the conglomerate that produces alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including the dangerously delectable Strong Zero. 

An all-in-one topical skincare, Suntory VARON understands the aforementioned conundrum, promising to reduce preparation time by combining three steps into one. Think of it as an anti-ageing serum that does it all: regulating oil production, moisturising the skin, shielding against external aggressors, and soothing irritated skin. A bonus: it caters to all skin types and works wonders on dull and dry skin caused by shaving. Too good to be true, am I right? But best believe, its proprietary technology and original formulation establish its credibility. 

The W/O/W emulsification technology, intrinsic to the efficacy, is the conduit that allows lotion, serum, and cream components to penetrate the skin – ensuring it receives the utmost potency with one product effortlessly. “It achieves the same 3-step penetration of one’s skin as using a toner, a serum and a moisturiser, in that order. Instead of having to use 3 products, he [VARON user] just needs one,” highlights the Japanese brand. Those familiar with the infamous 10-step skincare routine would know it takes multiple light patting for each layer to absorb into the skin – a superfluous step for VARON users. 

But of course, the technology alone wouldn’t suffice. Hence, the Japanese brand conjured a unique albeit efficacious concoction featuring ingredients like squalane, oolong tea extract, and whiskey barrel extract. Thanks to the latter, the product boasts a rich, deep, musky, and smoky fragrance that lingers ever-so-slightly. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t intoxicate you. Instead, the cocktail of ingredients guarantees discernible results, and an overall radiant complexion; Suntory VARON had 91% user satisfaction in just 10 days.

Husked in a sleek silver body with a pump nozzle design, Suntory VARON lives by the motto: a good life begins with a good face. For the wellness brand, a good life is synonymous with a fuss-free life – thus, application is made easy as well. Following cleansing and shaving and before SPF (in the morning), it takes less than a minute for a full face application. 

“With an almost milky consistency, the lightweight product spreads easily – allowing my skin to absorb the efficacious formulation quickly. Instead of a tacky finish and white cast, a healthy glow comes through after application. The scent didn’t bother me; it dissipated after a few minutes. Not to mention, I’m a fan of musky fragrances,” noted Jonathan, Protagonist of the Suntory VARON campaign and Managing Editor of AUGUSTMAN

Available online for $28 (20ml) and $105 (120ml), Suntory VARON is set to be the next gentlemen’s essential, enabling a man to feel like he is in his prime regardless of his age. In light of the festive season, Suntory is gifting you. For a limited time, AUGUSTMAN readers can try the product at a discounted rate of 20% and 30% off the 20ml and 120ml bottle, respectively.

BRAND’S is an official distributor of Suntory VARON in Singapore. Visit store.brandsworld.com.sg to make a trial purchase.


Product Images: Suntory VARON
Campaign Images: Franz Navarrete
Videography: Timothy Chow and Alvin Quek
Videography Assistance: Eugene Loo
Project Manager: Amos Chin
Project Assistant: Kelly Lewi
HMUA: Kat Zhang and Sophia Soh / The Suburbs Studio

written by.

Amos Chin

Senior Writer (Print & Digital)
Fashion and beauty enthusiast, Amos covers the style and grooming beats within his title and occasionally handles the styling and art direction of sundry advertorials. Powered by a visual communication degree, a diploma in fashion, and years of experience in content strategising, the Gen Z knows a thing or two about producing intriguing content. Work aside, he really enjoys talking about true crime stories and tattoos (he has a couple of them).
Suntory VARON: An All-in-One Skincare Product For The Metropolitan Men
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