It’s a common refrain that an Editor’s day job is done at night. During the working hours, I’m attending events and meeting brand managers, either catching the newsworthy or discussing projects. After hours, is when the writing and editing work happens.

Suffice it to say, I keep long hours and inadequate sleep tends to raise your cortisol levels. This hormone triggers inflammation, which breaks down the proteins that keep your skin smooth and glowing, and it can also make your skin more prone to acne and more sensitive to allergic reactions.

With a full schedule and a job that requires you to look and feel your best, where can an Editor turn? Suntory Varon. A lotion, serum and cream, Suntoryʼs new facial product is a three-in-one menʼs skincare essential that takes the guesswork out of skincare for busy individuals.

Harnessing a water-in-oil-in-water emulsion technology with extracts from whisky barrel wood and oolong tea, Suntory Varon is my go-to essential for laying on the foundation of skincare before I apply sunscreen and head out the door.

In a 2020 Korean study, 32 test subjects in their 40s in a sleep deprivation experiment had skin which showed evidence of dehydration including a reduction in skin gloss and including marked loss of elasticity and aggravation of wrinkles.

Suntory Varon Classic

For all-day confidence, Varon’s W/O/W ‒ referring to the unique molecular structure where water is encased in oil and encased in water yet again ‒ emulsification technology allows lotion, serum and cream ingredients for superior skin penetration, helping to regulate sebum secretion and moisture content in skin, leaving me looking fresh faced even if I hadn’t had sufficient sleep the day before.

In fact, possessing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, brightening and moisture retention ingredient properties, while sufficient sleep is the best remedy for great sleep, Suntory Varon is the next best thing in your grooming toolkit. Now imagine if one combines sufficient rest with the grooming miracle that Varon has to offer.

In fact, during a survey of 248 men in their 40s to 70s conducted in December 2021, 91% user satisfaction regarding skin effects after 10 days of use. The physical reality is that sleep or no sleep, men’s skin tends to have sebum and lower moisture content compared to women’s; and Singapore’s tropical and humid climate only exacerbates the stresses faced by our skin on a daily basis ‒ creating excess oil production leading to oily skin, specifically the T-zone.

In fact, this misdiagnosis leading many men to pick up drying oil-control facial cleansers, leads the body to continue over-producing oil to compensate for the stripping of the skinʼs natural
protective oils.

Furthermore, given that men tend to shave before heading out the door, the use of sharp razors upon the skin affects the lipid layer of skin epidermis which helps to retain moisture. Once affected skin can become unduly dry and prone to irritation, making your skin look dull and rough rather than giving you a healthy glow.

Additionally, other vital ingredients like acetyl hexapeptide-8 help to slow down the formation of wrinkles while squalene aids in strengthening the natural skin barrier and retaining skin moisture. As an emollient, it can soften dry and rough skin to improve its texture and appearance.

The latest Varon serums come in two new scents ‒ Fresh for a faint aroma of citrus imparting a sense of freshness and cleanliness; Classic for that “smokiness” reminiscent of a full-bodied whisky with vanilla notes and Original with a clean, floral base, with hints of musk and patchouli complementing a gentleman’s arsenal for looking and feeling their best.

Suntory Varon is available for purchase online. Enjoy either 20% off a 10-day trial (20ml) or 30% off a 3-month trial (120ml) of Suntory Varon with free shipping inclusive.

(Images: Suntory Varon)

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Suntory Varon Is An Essential Three-In-One Men’s Skincare
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