Gareth Wilce
Age: 32
Occupation: Executive, Financial Risk Management

He’s Welsh but we don’t hold that against him at all. He works for a bank, but we aren’t gonna hold that against him either. Gareth Wilce is a sports enthusiast, fervently supports the Welsh Rugby Union and can be frequently found at a sports bar cheering on his favourite team with his mates.

AM:  If you could pick up any skill, what would it be? Why?

GW: To do magic card tricks! It didn’t seem like it when I was child growing up in Wales, but its cool…. and I’m slightly jealous!

 AM:  What was your last Facebook/Twitter/Instagram post about?

 GW: Aside from the latest holiday photos, I believe it would have been a comment about the Welsh rugby team doing particularly well recently…

·         I grew up in a Welsh town called Cwmbran, and I spent a considerable amount of my teenage years delivering newspapers. 

 ·         At 6am each morning, I’d drag my pet dog with me and I’d fight against either the wind, rain or snow, wrapped up in numerous layers of jumpers and coats.

 ·         Those were many cold hours of daydreaming… and reading in the newspapers about all the places in the world that I wanted to see, experience, live in and conquer.

 ·         However, my newspaper wages were only going to get me so far. I eventually moved on and via an aerosol factory, music festivals, ferry boats and many long nights working at bars. I finally managed to catch my first flight just after university.

 ·         I’ve now been to quite a few of those places that I read about in the newspapers, and have been lucky to actually call a few of them home.

 ·         However, each experience has been defined by what I, all those cold winter mornings ago, probably overlooked. And that is the amazing people that I’ve shared all of these places with.

 ·         My girlfriend and I now call Singapore our home, and the adventure continues. I hope you enjoy watching my A-Lister experience.

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