They came. They saw. And they pretty much conquered our hearts with their wit and charm. On the evening of 22nd May 2015, the August Man team finally unveiled the league of 14 inspiring gentlemen who made the cut into the August Man’s exclusive A-List.

CLOUD, located at Pacific Plaza, kindly gathered us at the location for this anticipated event. The A-List alumni, along with notable past contestants made an honourable appearance that fun-filled evening. The exclusive guest list also included people from our sponsors – Auchentoshan, Breitling, and TANGS.

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CLOUD @ Pacific Plaza

The event was hosted by August Man’s Managing Editor – Darren Ho, as well as our Marketing Director – Jamie Teo. Jamey Merkel, Brand Ambassador of Auchentoshan, also graced the event with his presence. He surprised us with the unveiling of his new concoction, a whiskey-spiked twist on the classic Earl Grey Tea with finishing touches of sours and bitters, which many raised their eyebrows approvingly to. The Cloud kitchen was also generous with their finger-licking bites throughout the event. It didn’t take long or much before faces new and old were getting their bro mode on. To make the night more interesting than it already was, the guys gamely participated in an organized game of Bingo Lucky Draw, crossing out fun facts the A-Listers past and present didn’t know about one another.  The surprises didn’t end there. The Bingo Lucky Draw winner had a mystery prize waiting for him at the end of the night.

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Guest, Jon Yongfok, Eugene Lim and August Man’s Managing Editor, Darren Ho 

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COO of TANGS, Kevin Dyson (left)  having a good time with Auchentoshan Brand Ambassador, Jamey Merkel (right)

A-Lister 2015 Launch Party-am_il_v1001_i_07fca9fb762eba872b80689b2d1607ff51_faadeb4d505136b328c1a7bbfba35ee967

Past and present A-Listers getting chummy

A-Lister 2015 Launch Party-am_il_v1001_i_60e8ad764e4ecf4448ce60014069acfc05_b9a86ec690b6aa3e0abd106919eaf09e16

Earl of Auch making its debut

A-Lister 2015 Launch Party-am_il_v1001_i_dcc2d4ea65d1f48239ef14d9442b131d82_20e2d1da6559cc7c7b35811f8aa7174b95

Guests from TANGS

After a great deal of fun and laughter over more than a tipple or two courtesy of Auchentoshan, the Bingo prize winner was announced. His prize? An exhilarating 45-minute ride on a Hummingbird helicopter, covering the city skyline including the Southern Islands, with a fellow A-Lister of his choice.

A-Lister 2015 Launch Party-am_il_v1001_i_addd679f240f8cb63686d0a1138893bd00_23074c5bffcbb0042aca321dd4fa3f4015

Marketing Director, Jamie Teo with Managing Editor, Darren Ho, and Bingo Lucky Draw winner, Paul Wakefield

The A-Listers can assure you that this will not be the end of the A-List experience. If you think you have what it takes, join the A-List next year to find out what’s in store for you. 

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