After spending the first half of the day sweating it out under the punishing sun for the Rat Race challenge, it was apparent our A-Listers were slightly enervated and ready to be properly wined and dined. We brought them to One°15 Marina’s Nova for a lavish buffet spread and free flow Martell VSOP.
But the A-Listers – having been faced with a similar setting the night before at Il Lido only to be presented with a surprise Say It Like a Man challenge –  were cautious with their alcohol intake and on the lookout for any sudden disappearance of Anita Kapoor or Darren Ho. That prompted Darren to propose a series of “bottoms up” toasts to ease whatever suspicion or nerves they had and loosen their tongues.
And then it was time for Measures of a Man. We set the gents up for the final challenge of the A-Listers 2013 Gentleman’s Code retreat: a speech competition where they had to defend or oppose statements such as “Men are as vain as women if not more”, “Pornography should be legalised”, “Are Singaporeans xenophobic?” among others, that they randomly drew from a bowl. 
One by one, the A-Listers were given a minute to prepare and another two to address the audience. From personal recounts and anecdotes from their past to outrageous explanations as to why exposed ankles are considered a form of pornography and why thermal energy produced by humans is a viable source of renewable energy, watch the A-Listers display their wit and humour as they handle being put on the spot.
After the challenge, we proceeded to end the retreat in true August Man style, with a party on board the Bay Suites yacht, which took us out into open waters under the stars.
Remember to vote for your favourite A-Lister here to stand a chance to win grooming hampers from Lab Series and Kerastase as well as a Cleanse and Finish at kimrobinson! 

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