After an exhausting day of challenges – as you would have seen in webisodes 1 and 2 – it was time for the A-listers to be wined and dined in style. Dinner was hosted at Il Lido, one of SIngapore’s top restaurants, where the gents were treated to a sumptous spread of Italian dishes. Martell VSOP flowed freely and there were laughs all around. Finally, a welcome breather from the competition. Or so they thought.
Yep, it was time for Say It Like a Man, a surprise challenge that would test them on the gift of artful negotiation.
One by one they were quietly ushered mid-meal to a secret room to meet Darren Ho, the managing editor of August Man. The rules of the challenge were simple: get Darren to repay a debt without saying specific key words under two minutes. They were allowed to come up with any scenario they wanted to meet their goal. Some opted for emotional blackmail, while others just feigned narcolepsy with varying results.
But it wasn’t the only challenge of the night. After dinner had adjourned (and copious amounts of Martell had been imbibed), it was – surprise! — Round 2 of the challenge. This time, they were asked to approach host Anita Kapoor at a bar and ask her out on a date.  Let’s just say, Anita isn’t the easiest lady to charm. Find out who bombed and who scored in the best Say It Like a Man challenge yet.

After you’ve watched the video, remember to vote for your favourite A-lister here. All viewers will stand a chance to win an attractive array of prizes!

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