Just when the August Man A-Listers thought it was all over and they could unwind from a grueling day of style reboots, zipping around the city and wielding spatulas in the kitchen, they were presented their final challenge in the midst of fine wining and dining with the entire August Man team at Gattopardo restaurant.

Slightly inebriated from glasses of Glenlivet, Kronenbourg and excellent wine pairings, the shell-shocked A-Listers were asked to reach under their seat for an envelope that was pasted on beforehand, to reveal a cause which they had to present a two-minute argument for. Their statements were:

Pern: Women must be protected today.

Kiat: Nothing is private today and that is a good thing.

Arnaud: We should be free to decide how and when our lives end.

Nabil: The new PG-13 system is relatively ineffective.

Steven: The world is over-reacting with regards to nuclear power.

James: The music that we are creating today in the world is as good as the great music movements of the last century.

Justin: Public figures must be accountable at all times for their actions.

Kristian: Singlish should be recognised as a valid language.

Sam: Censorship has its place in the world today.

Benjamin: Today’s youths define popularity and success in highly material terms.

Joel: The Internet is as transparent as we make it to be.

Mark: Harry Potter is a great literary work.

Their judges? The full compliments of the August Man team and Anita, who were wide awake and in fits of laughter after all 12 of them presented their speeches. The winner took home a bottle of Glenlivet 15 Years, and there were three Special Mentions who won for themselves grooming products. Bring on the gift of the gab!

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A-Listers Webisode 6: Gift of the Gab

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