If you’ve been following the A-listers campaign closely, you would know that the guys have been working extra hard to complete their individual challenges and raise funds for CARE Singapore, our chosen charity for this year’s campaign. The funds raised will go towards the support of the organisation’s various programmes for youths that include life-skills sessions, mentoring, learning camps, to mention a few.

 A fortnight ago, we organised a laser tag session at East Coast Park that brought together the youths from CARE, the A-listers and the August Man team. It was a great opportunity for the guys to interact with the people they are working so hard for, and also a chance for the boys and girls to have a bit of fun and hang out with some cool dudes. Check out the video for the highlights.

 The afternoon started with some ice-breaker games, so everyone could get to know one another before proceeding to take each other out on the pitch. After warming up with a game called Virus, a twist on the old school “catching” game, and another called Identity Crisis, where the students had to introduce themselves to the adults and share a hobby they loved and vice versa, it was time to get down to business.

 Kindly sponsored and organised by Adrenaline Laser Tag, the first round was a straight up competition to see which team could achieve the most “kills” in 10 minutes. The first match saw Jeff and Wayne’s team battle it out with Benjamin and Michael’s, with the latter emerging victorious. The second match pitted Tosin and Paul’s team against Alex’s. It was a close fight, but Alex’s team finally took the game.

 The second round was slightly different. Each team had to appoint a “Master Chief” (a Halo reference for the uninitiated), who had the power to revive players on hir or her team who were out of life. The goal of each team was to take out the opponent’s Master Chief first. This time, Jeff and Wayne’s team faced off with Alex’s team. Each side fought hard, but it was Alex’s team who came out tops. In the second game, Benjamin and Michael’s team took on Tosin and Paul’s team, with the latter succeeding in the fight. 

It was a brilliant way to spend a Saturday afternoon and we would like to thank CARE, Adrenaline Laser Tag, Fiji Water and the A-listers for making it happen. Check back again for more updates on the campaign in the coming weeks. And if you haven’t already done so, consider donating generously to your favourite A-lister’s fund.

 Photo credit: Alfred Phang

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