Except for volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, wildfires or major scientific discoveries, only a handful of folks pay attention to the changes that Earth undergoes every day. However, there is a recent development which has generated much curiosity and sparked big conversations. According to a study, the Earth’s inner core might have stopped spinning! Not just that, it is also possible that a great shift has taken place and the earth’s core is now spinning in the opposite direction.

So, what does this mean for our planet and humanity at large? Is something apocalyptic on its way? Well, let’s take a look at the varied observations that have emerged regarding the Earth’s core and its spinning patterns.

Has Earth’s inner core stopped spinning?

Scientists from Beijing’s Peking University informed that, in the last decade, the Earth’s inner core might have stopped spinning! It is believed that the earth’s inner core spins relatively faster than the Earth’s mantle (the portion between the interiors and outer layer) and appears denser than the mantle and crust. According to the findings of the Peking University study, the inner core is on the verge of a significant change, i.e., potentially changing its direction.

Is there a reason to worry?

This might seem like scary doomsday news to normies, but there’s no need to worry as such a phenomenon had earlier occurred in the 1970s. Not just that, according to the study, the earth’s core might again change its direction in the mid-2040s. In other words, the earth’s core performs this cycle mostly once in decades.

Currently, there is minimal research regarding the earth’s dense core. The ball-shaped core, which is made of liquid iron and nickel, cannot be directly sampled. However, scientists see this new development as an opportunity to improve their research and gather more insights about the earth’s core.

It must also be noted that these are the findings of just one study, and there are many other theories based on the Earth’s inner sanctum. For instance, a researcher from the Australian National University is of the opinion that the earth’s inner core accelerates and decelerates its rotational movement once every 20 to 30 years.

You can go through the findings of the entire study here.

Hero image credit: Courtesy Unsplash/NASA
Featured image credit: Courtesy Unsplash/The New York Public Library

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What happened to the earth's core?

Answer: According to the latest study by Beijing's Peking University, the earth's inner core had stopped spinning and is soon going to change its pace and direction.

Question: Why did the earth's core stop spinning?

Answer: The latest study by Beijing's Peking University suggests that the earth's inner core changes its spinning cycle after certain periods of time.

Question: What is earth’s core made of?

Answer: The earth's inner core is made of liquid iron and nickel.

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The Big Shift: Earth’s Core Might Be Spinning In The Opposite Direction!
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