Having a nice dinner, listening to a favourite song, and making someone smile. These are just some of the things Singaporeans have listed as their top 50 simple pleasures in life. The major international poll was commissioned by Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Accumulatively researchers polled 6,000 adults from Singapore, the UK, Australia, and the USA to determine all the little things that bring us a little bit of joy without breaking the bank. Making the list of the top 50 simple pleasures include being somewhere new and finishing a really good book.

Other favourites include stunning views as well as receiving a compliment from a stranger and payday.

Going for a drink with friends ranks high with those surveyed (Image: Elevate/ Unsplash)

Simple Things Matter

Approximately 1,000 locals, aged 18 to 65 on average, were polled in this research. The study identified a universal love of cake with the polled revealing it to be one of their favourite small pleasures. Catching up with friends, seeing flowers and trees blossom, exercise and going on a bike ride as well as shopping trips all appeared in the top 50 too – along with relaxing by the pool.

Those polled however only enjoy an average of around seven (6.5) moments of simple pleasures each week – not quite once a day. On average, the satisfaction of a moment’s pleasure can last for upwards of 24 minutes. Although 14 per cent admitted they get a glow for up to an hour.

However, over half of those polled, believe they don’t get to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures often enough for their liking. Forty-eight per cent feel they don’t have enough time in their day-to-day to take advantage of small pleasures as much as they should.

reading 50 simple pleasures in life
Reading a book ranks high on the list (Image: Aleksander Vlad/ Unsplash)

In revealing their top 50 simple pleasures in life, more than a third said work commitments are a major hindrance. Twenty-five per cent think being a parent has left them with less time to enjoy simple pleasures. However, they are quick to add that they appreciate it more when they do.

“Our list found many of life’s pleasures are the ones often found on holiday,” explains Mark Wong, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Small Luxury Hotels of the World. “Now that vaccinations and travel bubbles in the Asia-Pacific region are coming in place, we are optimistic that people will be able to safely enjoy some of these simple pleasures abroad before too much longer.”


  1. A nice dinner
  2. Listening to your favourite songs
  3. Payday
  4. Watching your favourite movie
  5. Dining out
  6. Making someone smile or laugh
  7. Staying in bed on a Sunday morning
  8. Sleeping in a big incredibly comfy bed
  9. Spend a weekend away
  10. Doing exercise
  11. Sleeping in a freshly made bed
  12. Visiting a new cafe/eatery
  13. Sound of rain on the window
  14. Spend the day shopping
  15. Stunning views
  16. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel good
  17. Going for a drink with friends
  18. Going to the beach
  19. Having dinner made for you
  20. Home cooking
  21. Finding money in a purse/wallet you had forgotten about
  22. Smell of coffee in the morning
  23. Long walks
  24. Not having to set the alarm at the weekend or on a day off
  25. Being somewhere new
  26. Going to the cinema
  27. Having a gossip or catchup with friends
  28. Cake
  29. Receiving a compliment from a stranger
  30. Seeing flowers and trees blossom
  31. Finishing a really good book
  32. Hearing the wind blow through the trees
  33. Spend a day relaxing by the pool
  34. Having a good hair day
  35. Getting a delivery in the post
  36. Visit a public garden
  37. Seeing old people hold hands
  38. Being in the countryside
  39. Getting a cuddle from your children
  40. Trying a new recipe
  41. Donating to charity
  42. Someone making you a cup of tea
  43. Having a coffee/tea in bed
  44. Meeting new people
  45. Playing sport with friends or family
  46. Having a picnic
  47. Buying fresh local food produce
  48. Going on a bike ride
  49. Putting your out of office on as you head off on a holiday
  50. Playing with your pet
written by.

Richard Augustin

Digital Editor
Richard went from the confines of the kitchen working as a professional chef into the realm of media twenty years ago. In his two-decade career in writing, he has plied his trade in a number of regional print and digital media organisations in the lifestyle, in-flight, entertainment and finance space. When not busy chasing deadlines and writing stories for AugustMan, you can find him experimenting with recipes in his kitchen.
What Makes You Happy? Singaporeans Reveal Their Top 50 Simple Pleasures In Life
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