Previously on the A-List 2019, the men conquered their first challenge with Chivas to come up with their own blend of Scotch whisky. Here is the second episode.

This time, the 10 candidates for AUGUSTMAN’s A-List Club go through their second challenge created by BreitlingThe Flow Rider. Split into two teams, the men have to keep their balance on the surfing board for the longest time possible. These were the rules: No points were awarded to those who could not stay on the board for a minimum of five seconds. The lads who managed to stay on the surf board for 15 seconds or more earn five points each. Bonus points were awarded arbitrarily for stunts. Think it’s easy? Listen to the A-List candidates share about their experience. As well as what success and being an A-Lister means to them. So which team prevailed in the second challenge? Watch episode two to find out.

written by.

Lester Tan

Lester is into films, food and basically anything culture related under the sun.
The A-List 2019 Episode 2: The Breitling ‘Flow-Rider’ Challenge
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