Number plates or licence plates are identification numbers that are given to every vehicle, issued by the RTO office. This is how things work in India. But in Dubai, you could expect things to be done differently. For one, it just created a Guinness World Record for selling the most expensive licence plate in the world.

Oh, and you could also purchase VIP licence plates in Dubai. That’s exactly what happened at the ‘Most Noble Numbers’ charity auction held on 8 April held by Emirates Auction. Held at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai, Jumeirah Beach, the entire proceedings of the auction will now go to the “1 Billion Meals Endowment” initiative, which aims to create the biggest Ramadan sustainable food relief endowment fund. But let’s look at the record-breaking world’s most expensive licence plate.

World’s most expensive licence plate sold in Dubai

The number plate in question is the P7 licence plate, a unique number plate that was sold for a whopping 55 million dirhams (SGD 19.94 million approx). Yes, that’s worth a bunch of million-dollar luxury apartments in the most upscale neighbourhoods in Mumbai. The entire funds from this sale and the others that were made here will go to the campaign.

With this sale, the previous record for the most expensive number/licence plate that was established in 2008 was broken. In 2008, Abu Dhabi’s car number 1 plate was sold for 52.2 million dirhams (SGD 18.93 million approx.).

For the P7 plate, the bidding began at 15 million dirhams and the numbers swiftly shot up, before it closed at the selling price. The buyer of the P7 number plate remains anonymous though.

What other things were sold at the auction?

The P7 wasn’t the only highly expensive thing that was sold at the auction. A number of other unique licence plates were also bidded for and sold. Among these are ten two-digit plates such as AA19, AA22, AA80, O71, X36, W78, H31, Z37, J57, and N41. There’s also plates like Y900, Q22222, and Y6666.

The auction also featured unique and VIP mobile numbers.

All conversions are done in real-time at the time of drafting this story.

All Images: Courtesy emiratesauction/Instagram

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World’s Most Expensive Licence Plate Auctioned Off In Dubai
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