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Chris Hwang

Co-Founder, The Golden Duck
Chris Hwang co-founded The Golden Duck, a company that has forever changed the way we look at salted egg yolks and potato chips. It has been an unreal journey, but he remains grounded and remembers when he only had $2.63 in his bank account. This will prove to be another exciting year for him with his upcoming wedding and some huge developments for the business.
Can you give us a hint about what we can expect from The Golden Duck this year?
Yes, we are launching in a couple of new markets as well as a couple of new snacks. I don’t just mean flavours, by the way. It’s the main reason I seem unable to lose weight any more (laughs). Doing R&D is fantastic, and I never get sick of eating snacks.
How do you give back to society?
The Golden Duck Co. has actually endorsed a number of charities. I personally would like to start a few non-profit entities that focus on children, animals and the environment. I think we have taken too much from the earth and we’re going to leave the generations to come with fewer resources and greater problems.
What do you do to escape the grind?
My fiancée and I are very spontaneous people. We’ll take every opportunity we can to escape the city, even if it’s just for a weekend. It’s really easy to just book tickets online and get out of Singapore, even for just a day or two.
IG: @thechrishwang