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Goh Yong Yau

Executive Account Director, Coal Creative Consultants
Goh Yong Yau is the executive account director of Coal Creative Consultants, a communications and creative agency based in Singapore, but for a role that requires plenty of human interaction, Goh admits he is really a lot more introverted.
Was running your own business something you’ve always wanted to do?
(laughs) I actually hated advertising because I was a business journalist by trade. I had wanted to leave my job and my ex-girlfriend, who was a designer, wanted to leave her job as well. When you start a business, you are either really smart or really stupid. We were drinking one night, and we thought, “Why not?” That was 13 years ago and I never looked back. I didn’t have an advertising background but it took a life of its own.
What have you learnt?
In the early days, we were so broke from paying overheads that we had to share Hokkien mee or order economy rice to share. There was this brand of tuna called Bumble Bee that was super cheap that we always bought and ate with bread. Every time I get stressed out, I just think, “I survived the Bumble Bee days.”
How do you define a gentleman?
Manners obviously, but the key is in respect. Respect for fellow men but in our current culture, there is a little regard for women as equals. Many guys have come to view women as just an object, but we need to consider what it's like for the other party. The ability to respect women and other people is a pillar to being a gentleman.
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