Ivan Yeo

Chef-Owner of The 1925 Brewing Co.

After running a game development firm for a few years, the rigours of the industry took its toll on Ivan Yeo. Deciding it wasn’t for him, he left to pursue his passion, starting up a local craft brewery and restaurant, which is The 1925 Brewing Co.

Would you say that founding your restaurant was the hardest thing you’ve done?

Actually, it was easy. We had the same vision and sure, we fought a lot but we all could separate personal life and work. That was a relief.

Was it the agency exit then?

No, it was when I wanted to commit suicide. But that’s an internal decision right? And when you realise that, you just think that nothing life throws at you can be that bad. There’s a liberation that comes from the nonchalance. It becomes a choice to live.

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