Javin They

Javin They

Founder, Common Suits

Just shy of 30, Javin They might strike you as someone who’d thrive in a different time. Not that he isn’t in the now. The self-starter founded bespoke tailor Common Suits and has made it his mission to empower men through the art of looking good.


Why suiting?

I was working a sales job to put myself through school and had to tailor my own clothes to look the part. You know, once you’ve felt bespoke, there’s no going back. I decided to dive head first into it once I graduated. You could say I’m impulsive but I’ve put in the research.


And you’re a firm believer in fashion?

The idea was that putting on a suit is really transformative and magical. Every time I wore mine back in the day, I felt like I could take on anything. I wanted to share that same magic with as many guys as possible.


What drives you?

It used to be the fear of poverty, fear of not having enough. I grew up in a single-parent family and we weren’t well to do. That drives you to achieve more than you think you can. But after a while, it was more for the team. That and helping the common guy out.


Any stories to share?

Yeah, there was a guy who was a little on the rounder side who believed he’d never look good in a suit. The look of joy when he saw himself in the mirror was touching.

IG: @javinthey