John Lim - Augustman
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John Lim

Regional General Manager, Igloohome
How exactly does one get from banking to working with a digital lock company? John Lim sums it up as what happens when one constantly seeks challenges. After working at a bank, Lim felt the need to expand his horizons, and delved into the start-up culture, co-founding one of the first laser tag spaces in Singapore. Six years after, a chance meeting with the founder of Igloohome, a smart access brand that counts Airbnb & HomeAway as partners, set him on his current path.
What have you learnt from your career?
I think the most important trait in sales is the ability to listen. When I was with the bank, the top sales people were not the showy, best-looking folk with the best presentation skills; they were your humble Joes. I was trying to polish my grammar but I learnt from them that being able to listen to your customers and understand what they really want is far more important. It applies to every industry.
What drives you?
One of the mottos I live by is “You can be poor, but you can’t be stupid.” I’m the guy that will always try. I’m the guy that will say,“Go big or go home.” I’m looking at the longterm game. I don’t want short-term fixes so everything I do, I try to learn from it.
Let's talk about laser tag, how did you get into that?
With laser tag, I felt like I could create experiences and make them feel like they're a superhero, a soldier, or a star trooper. Being able to create experiences through a creative process was also very important to me. Its safe, non-invasive, and not painful; anyone can play.