Mark Huang

Mark Huang

Entrepreneur, Level Up

When we asked Mark Huang about the vision for his bar Level Up, his response was succinct. He wanted to create a massive man cave. “Booze, pub grub and arcade games. What else do you need?” We concur. Of course it hasn’t been all fun and games for the 32-year-old. He works seven days a week, and cannot remember when he last took some time off.


What motivates you to get through a seven-day work week?

To make a name for myself, and create something I can call my own. I’ve always wanted to be in management, and now I have that chance. A majority of my staff are younger than me, and we’re like a close-knit family. I demand a lot from them, but I ensure they reap the rewards too.


Where does your self-worth come from?

I think it comes from respecting myself. As a kid, I was bullied all the time, but once I got sick of it, I stood up for myself and that was the end of it. In my career I’ve also met many people who tried to take advantage
of me, but to no avail. If you don’t respect yourself first, people will step all over you.


What scientific breakthrough would have the biggest impact on humanity?

I’d have to go with the cure for cancer.


What defines a gentleman?

I would say the way you treat people. It's not about what you wear and what you have, but about who you are and how you treat people. Anyone can dress up as a gentleman, but it doesn't mean you are one.