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Simon Wong

Entrepreneur at Singapore Sidecars
Simon Wong has done everything from television hosting and acting to theatre, all while holding the position of partner at design firm CHEMISTRY. The Britishborn powerhouse moved to Singapore 19 years ago and recently made the news with Singapore Sidecars, his passion project that sees tourists and locals hop into Vespa sidecars that go around our city.
How did Singapore Sidecars come about?
It actually started after my wife passed away some years ago. I was quite involved in charity after and it so happened that a friend of mine was building these sidecars as a hobby. I fell in love with one and bought it on the spot, using it for charity rallies and such. There was so much hype about it so it eventually evolved into a tour type thing.
How would you say you embody living your best life?
I got to the lowest point in my life, seeing death and all. You become reckless because you think nothing else can be worse. But what happens when you stop caring is that it can open you up to a whole new world. I wanted to start doing things that I thought I’d never do and so I did. I stopped worrying about whether I’d be getting paid and just did what made me happy. That seems to have worked so far.
What do you do to get away from the daily grind of life?
I started to meditate when I was about 13 or 14 because I had a teacher at school who would try teach us things alternate from the usual class content. They would come back from their trips in monasteries and try to get us all into it.
IG: @simonoverseas