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Stanley Ng

Legal Executive
You would be hard-pressed to find someone who’s as no-nonsense as Stanley Ng. While others are still chasing the 5C’s of a dying Singapore dream, he is only focused on three: country, community and culture. Apart from being a legal executive, Ng is a part of the grassroots organisation for Boon Lay, is the Secretary General of Huang Clan Youths, and plays underwater rugby.
What does it mean to live life to the fullest?
We only get one life to live, so I’m fully subscribed to making the most of it. But I’m not here on this earth alone, so I think it also means helping others make the best of their lives. There’s a big inequality between the privileged and the marginalised in Singapore, so I believe in trying to give back to society in a way that helps the disadvantaged. A lot of the interactions I have outside of work relate to people who have been dealt a tougher hand in life. I constantly remind myself that I’m blessed.
What scientific breakthrough do you think would have the biggest impact on humanity?
Being able to reverse the effects of climate change. Sure you can cure cancer, and end world hunger, but if we don’t have a planet to live on, then where does that leave us? At the rugby club I always believe that the players and the members are never bigger than the club. If there’s no club, then there’s no sport. It’s that simple. I think the same concept can be applied here. So if we can find a way to reverse the damage, maybe there’s a chance to save the earth.
How do you escape the grind?
I play underwater rugby. It came to Singapore about 4 years ago and I've been playing since. It's the main way I escape my grind, once I’m in the water it’s amazing how quiet and peaceful it gets.
IG: @stanleyjamesng