Roy Tong

Roy Tong’s chatty and effervescent demeanour is disarming, but beyond that boyishness is a sharp, business-oriented mind. You might have known better if you’ve read his business card and saw that he runs a steadily rising luxury watch rental business, Acquired Time. It’s a venture he pursued after parting ways with an overseas hedge fund.

Tell us a more about your start-up, Acquired Time.

My business partner and I came up with this after identifying a hiccup on the shop floor: people couldn’t test drive luxury watches before buying them. So what Acquired Time does is allow them to properly try out the watches they’re considering for a fee. I like that we’re giving them that opportunity because luxury watches are an investment. You don’t want to make mistakes. 

What’s your definition of “living your best life”?

Personally, it’s about making an impact. People die and everyone moves on. But I want to leave a legacy behind, which was why I started my business. For that to happen, I have to be able to effectively execute my plans on building its reputation and watching it take off.   

Are there any quotes that you live by? 

“Begin with the end in mind, plot your path and then execute it.” There’ll always be noise that distracts us from getting where we want to be. Keeping this in mind helps me to stay focused and driven.


T-shirt, Balenciaga; wool coat, COS; nylon trousers, Prada; Aviator 8 B01 Chronograph 43 Curtiss Warhawk in steel with fabric strap, Breitling