Proper grooming is essential to success. With a proper grooming routine in place, you’re free to focus all your efforts into working for the things that you’re after. Besides, having a signature scent is a crucial part of being the Man of Today. The BOSS Bottled line of fragrances allows you to do just that.

BOSS Bottled fragrances: Classic
The classic BOSS Bottled.

A competitive, driven, and ambitious man will enjoy wearing the classic BOSS Bottled fragrance. He’s an individual who doesn’t settle but sets the bar higher to become a better version of himself. What better scent to accompany that, than the classic BOSS Bottled with its elegant and woody accord? It’s fresh and sharp with a warm and woody base, which brings a lasting sillage for its wearer. During the day, the top notes of apple and citrus — balanced with floral and spicy heart notes of pelargonium, cinnamon, and cloves — put a spring to his step and zen to his senses. Before the end of the day, its scent settles into warmer and more masculine base notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar.

BOSS Bottled Infinite
BOSS Bottled Infinite

To consistently be that Man of Today, he’ll need a moment to recharge, and reconnect with himself. And the energising and woody fragrance of the BOSS Bottled Infinite perfects moments like these. Its top notes of apple and mandarin orange, balanced with lavender and patchouli, reinvigorates the wearer. While the base notes of sandalwood set him in the right mood to get back into the game as the day winds down.

BOSS Bottled fragrances: Absolute.
BOSS Bottled Absolute.

For the gentleman who enjoys basking in the attention as the Man of Today, BOSS Bottled Absolute, a limited-edition fragrance by master perfumer Annick Menardo, has a bolder and woody scent to match the occasion. Similar to the classic, a spritz of BOSS Bottled Absolute starts with notes of fruity apple and warm spices, balanced with bergamot and plum, before settling into a masculine note of cinnamon, cashmere wood, and sandalwood. It has a matte-liked charcoal grey exterior with a silver metal cap, the perfect depiction of the class of a Man of Today possesses.

BOSS Bottled available here at $128 for 100 ml.

This story was first published in Augustman Malaysia.
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BOSS Bottled: A fragrance the modern man of today needs
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