Paperless transactions and record-keeping have become the norm rather than the exception these days, but it remains nigh impossible to go fully digital. After all, important legal documents such as marriage certificates and wills must still maintain their physical forms, while transactions with more traditional businesses remain paper-based as well.
There is, however, no reason not to digitise these paper trails. For a start, having digital copies of these documents – ideally in both cloud-based and local storage – ensures that a robust backup system is in place. There’s no arguing that electronic formats are easier to organise, archive and retrieve too.

Go Mobile

But where does one begin? With myriad options available, the process of choosing a suitable scanner to digitise one’s physical documents can seem daunting. For most people, portability, cost efficiency and ease of use are high priorities.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, a good portable scanner is actually the best solution. Case in point: Brother’s DSmobile DS-940DW portable document scanner.

Brother DSmobile DS-940DW mobile scanner

With a built-in battery, Wi-Fi connectivity, and an integrated card reader, it’s capable of functioning on its own without needing to be tethered to a computer or plugged into a power outlet. Instead, scanned documents can be viewed directly on Brother’s mobile app, stored onto micro SD cards, or even emailed as attachments. This is arguably its greatest strength: by allowing you to digitise documents conveniently at home, in the office, and even out on the road, you can be assured that critical files will always have a timely digital backup.

Brother DSmobile DS-940DW mobile scanner
Versatility is another key feature for the DSmobile DS-940DW. As it was designed to be a mixed media scanner, it performs equally well whether one is digitising documents, receipts, or other items like name cards. Brother’s included software also allows these digitised copies to be edited in various ways, thus ensuring that the best digital backups are produced.

We’re moving ever closer towards a paperless society where all records are kept digitally. Until then, however, you can rely on portable scanners like the Brother DSmobile DS-940DW to ensure that nothing is ever lost.

Brother DSmobile DS-940DW mobile scanner

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Digitise things on the go with Brother’s DSmobile DS-940DW
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