So business has been good, the firm is expanding, and with it the IT infrastructure that supports your operations. Not everything is progressing smoothly though. The lone printer that you started off with is now a fleet of machines scattered around the office, and each one is a different model that has been configured for its department. Now what?

Printer management with Brother BRAdmin

If you’re using Brother’s printers and multifunction machines, the solution is surprisingly straightforward: just install the brand’s BRAdmin software. Conceived as a one-stop fleet management platform, the software interfaces with all Brother devices that are connected to a common network to provide monitoring and control functions. With BRAdmin, visibility is immediately enhanced with real-time tracking of each device’s status. What’s more, this is all done from a single computer, thus saving on labour costs traditionally associated with such tasks. Alerts can also be sent via email immediately via BRAdmin to reduce any device’s downtime, while reports such as usage logs can be scheduled to take advantage of automation. With such granular data at your fingertips, optimising the printing and imaging resources of your company can now be easily accomplished.

Brother BRAdmin screenshot

Monitoring aside, BRAdmin also offers extensive control over a network’s connected Brother devices. With it, you can set permissions, update firmwares, change settings, and complete various other administrative tasks with just a few mouse clicks. Again, time and manpower costs are also reduced.

Here’s the kicker: BRAdmin is a free software, so it allows real-time monitoring and control to be established and maintained at zero cost. This, of course, goes against the conventional wisdom that IT infrastructures must necessarily suffer from rising costs as they grow in size and complexity. If that’s not enough, the platform is also easily scalable, whether your fleet consists of three printers or 30, so there’s no minimum size requirement to enjoy this enterprise-level software.

Printer management with Brother BRAdmin

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Manage your fleet of printers with Brother’s BRAdmin platform
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