Before we tell you why we like Porcelain’s Skin-Protecting Sanitizer, let’s pause to remind ourselves why we need it.

America is proving to be a cautionary tale. Of course COVID-19 is not a hoax. Singapore saw some 51, 000 confirmed cases and 27 fatalities, according to MOH statistics. It is only right that we take extra precaution in protecting ourselves and others from the disease. Studies have shown that wearing face masks while out in public reduces the risk of community transmission by up to 90%. They also show that using hand sanitizers scrupulously boosts the prophylactic effect.

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According to the CDC, hand sanitizers should be formulated with at least 80% ethanol or 75% isopropyl alcohol to be effective. However, the high percentage of alcohol increases the likelihood of developing issues like skin dryness and irritation, which can then lead to developing contact dermatitis in the long run. Some skincare companies like Porcelain are taking that into consideration, and formulating their products with hypochlorous acid (HOCl) water instead.

This ingredient is currently in use by most hospitals as a sanitising agent. In fact, our white blood cells produce HOCl when faced with disease-causing bacteria and viruses as an immune response. The compound works by breaking down microorganism protein cell walls, which is essentially game over for the microbes and viruses. The best part is that it is all safe for humans and is non-irritating too.

Porcelain's skin-protecting sanitizer
Skin Protecting Sanitizer, Porcelain. Artwork: Ed Harland
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Local skincare brand Porcelain has taken all this into consideration when formulating its Skin-Protecting Sanitizer. A 200ppm concentration of HOCl in its latest product is enough to keep the virus at bay. But it also includes plant-based ingredients such as tea tree and eucalyptus oils in its mix to complement the star ingredient with their natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, the oil blends also offer a sensorial experience with their therapeutic herbaceous scents.

What we like about Porcelain’s Skin-Protecting Sanitizer is that it doesn’t have that alcoholic sting upon application. And all you need is to rub a spritz or two of the product before it sinks right into our skin without leaving a sticky residue that a lot of other sanitisers do. And after several weeks of consistent use, we also noticed that we didn’t develop any dryness, itchiness, or irritation. It can also be used on all surfaces from varnished furniture to your mask fabric without causing any damage.


Speaking of face masks, we also have a little skincare tip to share: You can also spritz the Skin Protecting Sanitizer on your face to complement your skincare regime. It may seem like an unusual thing to do at first, but trust us when we say that it has reduced the occurrence of acne mechanica (also known casually as maskne) since we replaced our face mists with this. After all, the ingredient list checks all the boxes in controlling microbes, and we have come to trust Porcelain as a brand for safe and effective products.

Porcelain's skin-protecting sanitizer
Skin Protecting Sanitizer. Photo: Porcelain

The Skin Protecting Sanitizer is available at all Porcelain spas, website and selected e-commerce marketplace at $20 for 50ml.

While ordering the product, you may also want to consider the CO2 Renewal Treatment to maintain healthy skin.










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Here’s Why You Should Use Porcelain’s Skin-Protecting Sanitizer
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