Racy sports cars may be the stuff of hip-hop videos and rock-star fantasies but they rarely check all the right boxes the way that a Volkswagen does. The practical joe in us knows this, and appreciates the fact that the Volkswagen automobile-makers are committed to putting sheer pleasure into the everyday drive.

For this reason Volkswagens are always on the short list when we’re shopping for our next ride, whether it’s a zippy sedan or a more robust SUV.

The subtle details of the Volkswagen Arteon R-Line
The subtle details of the Volkswagen Arteon R-Line

But still, should you actually want a bit of glitz from your Volkswagen experience, the answer comes in the form of the German marque’s select models in the R-Line range, designed for those who want that dash of glam and dark rock star appeal in their Volkswagen rides.

For The Discerning

Available on the Golf, Tiguan, Arteon and Passat models, the R-Line package is like that subtle signature on your suit sleeve or a high-end fabric strap on your watch. You can do without it, much like how your Volkswagen will function perfectly well with the normal accoutrements. But, there’s nothing like making the car your own.

The Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 R-Line Black Edition
The Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 R-Line Black Edition

A quick glance at a car kitted with the R-Line package and you’ll see there’s something noticeably different about it. You can’t just place your finger on it. Then, you’ll see the unique front and rear bumpers with the sportier air intakes and glossy black diffuser. You’ll notice the larger wheels that’s accompanied by arch extensions as well as the quiet R-line badging found around your car.

And that’s just on the exterior. The interior is also fitted with a variety of aesthetic upgrades, including more badging options on your steering wheel, sports pedal covers and stainless-steel door sills. The headliner at the roof of your car also comes in black in case you’re going for that Dark Knight look.

The Volkswagen Arteon R-Line und Arteon Elegance
The Volkswagen Arteon R-Line (yellow) alongside the Elegance

The R-Line models enjoy top-of-the-line features and added technologies that essentially improve the car’s driving performance and comfort. These include a plethora of added electronic aids and assistance systems, Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) for sportier driving dynamics, and Area View system to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Express Your Personality

Style is a major difference for most R-Line trim levels and gives you more options to express your individuality while making a sporty styling statement.

And for most of us, our cars are an extension of our personalities, and we reckon that all of us want to put our best foot forward. In this regard, the Volkswagen R-Line is quite the statement to make.

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That rockstar touch with the Volkswagen R-Line
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