The Thailand Open is an annual international badminton competition which, as its name suggests, is held in Thailand. It is one of the prestigious tournaments on the Badminton World Federation (BWF) calendar and attracts top players from around the world. Known for its high level of competition, this year the 2023 Thailand Open is taking place at the Indoor Stadium Huamark in Bangkok, with the final scheduled for June 4.

The 2023 Thailand Open is witnessing the participation of 76 singles players and 125 doubles teams hailing from various countries. As one of the most highly anticipated badminton tournaments in the world, fans are getting to witness their favourite players showcasing their incredible skills on the court.

Thailand Open is part of the BWF World Tour, which is a series of tournaments organised by the Badminton World Federation. The tournament is usually categorized as a Super 500 or Super 1000 event, depending on the year. Super 1000 events belong to the highest tier of the BWF World Tour and offer the most ranking points and prize money.

The Thailand Open features both singles and doubles events for men and women. Players compete in a knockout format, progressing through rounds until the champions are crowned. The tournament is typically held over a week, with matches taking place in a designated badminton venue in Thailand.

Now that you’re up to date with the general information regarding the tournament, let’s take a closer look at its schedule, impressive prize money at stake and other details.

What is the prize money for the 2023 Thailand Open?

Thailand Open 2023
Image credits: Instagram/Badminton Association of Thailand

The prize money pool for Thailand Open 2023 amounts to an impressive USD 420,000. Its allocation will be in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the BWF. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the prize money for each stage of the event:


  • Winner: USD 31,500
  • Finalist: USD 15,690
  • Semi-finals: USD 6,090
  • Quarter-finals: USD 2,520
  • Last 16: USD 1,470


  • Winner: USD 33,180
  • Finalist: USD 15,690
  • Semi-finals: USD 5,880
  • Quarter-finals: USD 3,045
  • Last 16: USD 1,575

Thailand Open 2023’s schedule

Thailand Open 2023 began on May 30 with the first round of play. As the final will be held on Sunday, June 4, make sure you don’t make any plans for the weekend if you happen to be a badminton fan.

  • Round 1: May 30 and 31
  • Round 2: June 1
  • Quarter-Final: June 2
  • Semi-Final: June 3
  • Final: June 4

Where can you watch the Thailand Open 2023?

Thailand Open 2023
Image credits: Instagram/Badminton Association of Thailand

The matches will be available for live streaming on Badminton World Federation’s official YouTube channel BWF TV.

(Hero and feature image credits: Courtesy Instagram/Badminton Association of Thailand)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the prize money for the 2023 Thailand Open?

Answer: The total prize money pool for the 2023 Thailand Open is USD 420,000.

Question: When is the final for the 2023 Thailand Open?

Answer: The Thailand Open 2023 final will held on June 4.

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Thailand Open 2023: What Is The Prize Money For The Winners?
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