You don’t have that much time left to get the mothers in your life that especially thought-out gift for Mothers’ Day. That’s right, folks. The second Sunday of May is in two days and while material gifts are an added bonus on Mothers’ Day, it’s always a nice gesture to wrap your gratitude, love and adoration in a box. And it definitely won’t go unappreciated.

If you’re still stumped (which is probably why you’re here) on what to get her, we put together 25 gifts to melt her heart. And remember, it only means something if it comes with an aim to appreciate her more and spend more time with her. Happy Mothers’ Day!

Patience Reminder Bands by The Mindful Company, $48-58

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Sure, mothers love their children and grandchildren but let’s face it; it’s hardly ever an easy road. The Mindful Company’s Patience Reminder Bands are a great way to show them you know that being a mother is a challenge and act as a reminder for them to exercise more patience.

Available online at The Mindful Company.

My Burberry Eau de Parfum by Burberry, $215 for 90ml

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A combination of glorious floral scents, among them sweet pea, bergamot and centifolia roses, My Burberry is perfect for the lady who loves her flowers. Add her initials to the bottle for a more personalised touch on the spot at the Marina Bay Sands and ION Orchard stores. Also, any purchases at the aforementioned stores and the one at Paragon gets you a bespoke bouquet too (for purchases made between the 6th to 8th May).

Available online and at the Burberry Marina Bay Sands, ION Orchard and Paragon stores.

Calf-leather wallet by Coach, $425

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Get her a wallet to organize her cards and cash. This medium-sized Coach wallet has enough space for six cards and comes with a coin pouch attached. The metal hardware detail is a classy addition too. Slot in a Polaroid of the two of you and you’re good for the rest of the year.

Available at Coach.

Dance Bangle by RISIS, $130

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Cattleya orchids have long been associated with mothers and often a favourite for Mothers’ Day corsages. RISIS’ Dance bangle has an Amethyst gem set within a rhodium-plated Cattleya orchid-shaped petal that’s a subtle nod to Mothers’ Day and an elegant piece to add to her jewellery collection.

Available at RISIS.

Edify Pierced Earrings by Swarovski, $170

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Gift her two earrings for the price of one with this rose gold-plated pair from Swarovski. Designed with a removable larger V-shaped structure, instantly interchange between a sophisticated look with just the crystal pearls set upon the smaller V-shaped structures to the more modern two-layered look.

Available at Swarovski.

Leather London pouch by Kurt Geiger, from $179

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Protect her gadgets and knick-knacks in an A5-sized pouch that’s stylish and brightens up any outfit. As featured here, include the Kurt Geiger letter charm as well ($39.50 each) as added personalisation for the pouch or her keys so she’d know who’s been secretly using her set.

Available at the Kurt Geiger pop-up store at level 3 ION Orchard.

Salsa Air Case Multiwheel by RIMOWA, from $650 – 1,025

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Send her off to a relaxing spa vacation and announce it with this lightweight polycarbonate luggage from RIMOWA. The cabin-sized variation weighs a mere 1.9kg and is easily one of the smoothest four wheeled-luggage for a fuss-free travel experience.

Available at RIMOWA.

Python Gommino driving shoes by Tod’s, $1,410

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Every lady needs a pair of comfortable and easy flats to wear, especially when going around to try on new pairs. Pamper her feet with a pair of luxurious python driving shoes that she wouldn’t want to get her feet out off.

Available at Tod’s.

Fox fur ABCharms by Fendi, $910 each

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Luxury bags are dolls for a grown lady and what better way to dress them up than with these furry bag charms. Just one with her initial is enough to add some pizazz to any bag.

Available at Fendi.

Acrylic Lara Backlit clutch by Edie Parker, GBP 405

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When mom needs to glam up, she needs a great clutch to go with her sophisticated gown. Make sure her essentials are neatly kept in a clutch to match her well-manicured nails and that’s big enough to fit an iPhone 6+.

Available at THE OUTNET.

Acetate Felis sunglasses by Bottega Veneta, $1,860

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In a limited run of just 500 numbered pieces worldwide, this pair is definitely a stunner. The cat eye-shaped frame is detailed with hand-woven acetate to mimic Bottega Veneta’s iconic intrecciato motif. This is one pair of sunglasses for one exceptionally special lady.

Available at the Bottega Veneta ION Orchard boutique.

Calf-leather tote bag by Furla, $885

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To the gym or off getting groceries, this roomy tote is large enough to accommodate most. That means fewer bags for mom to carry. Mother Earth will thank you.

Available at Furla.

Rose Gold Happy Hearts Pendant by Chopard, $11,230

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Having her in your heart always is priceless. But if she needs to be even more convinced, the next best thing you could give is probably a heart full of diamonds that is the Happy Hearts pendant. It’s an 18-carat rose gold pendant with more than 40 diamonds set within an open heart; what’s not to love?

Available at Chopard.

Calf-leather handbag by Braun Büffel, $599

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If she likes her handbags in a bold colour, this printed calf-leather handbag from Braun Büffel is sure to please her. The magnetic top flap closure lets her get to her belongings quickly and with ease while the large handle allows her to sling in on her shoulder for quick coffee runs.

Available at Braun Büffel.

Polyester parka by Moncler, $2,060

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Help her make a statement and shield her from the rain with this striped parka by Moncler. It’s light and thin enough to be folded in a bag and goes great with her gym outfit.

Available at Moncler.

Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Lovely Cup Chronograph in steel case with embossed rubber strap, $7,650

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Whether she’s doing yoga or jogging by the beach, this timepiece by Louis Vuitton ensures she does it in style. Featuring 12 diamonds, this nautical-inspired piece has two flags under the 12-hour mark that spells out LV in maritime language; something she’d definitely point out each time after getting a compliment for the watch.

Available at Louis Vuitton.

Calf-leather lip clutch by Alice and Olivia, $420

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Even if you’re very close with mom, getting her the right makeup is next to impossible. One clever way around it is to gift her this leather lip clutch. She’d be able to keep her favourite lip colour with it and always be reminded to never leave home without that finishing touch.

Available at Alice and Olivia.

Wool scarf by Club Monaco, $169

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It doesn’t make sense for her to be wrapping a wool scarf in this heat. But if she spends most of her time in the office (and keeps complaining about that one colleague who keeps adjusting the air-conditioning) it’s a handy gift to keep her comfy at her workstation.

Available at Club Monaco.

Calf-leather Palazzo Empire bag by Versace, $4,200

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Perfect for a lady with a bold personality, the Palazzo Empire bag lets her express that when she wants to. Carry it using the office-appropriate shoulder strap during the day and when it’s time to knock off, she can replace it with a colourful wide strap to match her vibe.

Available at Versace.

Amulette de Cartier ring in 18k yellow gold by Cartier, $7,700

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Modelled after talismans meant to bring good wishes, the ring comes with a 0.09-carat diamond in the centre. A handwritten card wishing her the best of health is sweet but when you can complete it with a material symbolisation of that, why not?

Available at Cartier.

Polyester dress by COS, $125

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If you haven’t heard of an LBD (that’s ‘litte black dress’), trust us, it’s an essential wardrobe must-have for any lady. Up her LBD game with this version from COS. It’s an easy silhouette with pleated details at the hem and cuffs that she can effortlessly pull off when she feels the need to be a little dressy without much fuss.

Available at COS.

Acetate sunglasses by Prada, poa

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The devil might wear Prada but she won’t see any ill intention when you gift her this pair of Prada sunglasses. In a modern cat-eye shape, the frame is big enough to shield her eyes and hide them when they look unusually tired. Because we know that mothers do it all and more.

Available at authorised dealers.

Calf-leather sandals by Roger Vivier, $980

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Pamper her with a manicure and pedicure session this Mothers’ Day. Then, top it off with a pair of sandals so she can show off the results. This pair of Roger Vivier sandals adds sophistication to casual looks and does well with an LBD too.

Available at Roger Vivier.

Schlumberger Rope three-row X ring in 18k gold by Tiffany & Co., $8,050

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Just like a good warm hug, Tiffany’s Schlumberger Rope ring has enough Xs of diamonds for her finger to snuggle up to. The X-formation of diamonds wrap around the rope design, mimicking an infinity sign and just about how much mothers should be loved.

Available at Tiffany & Co..

Gucci Signature Leather Padlock handbag by Gucci, $2,640

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Mothers deserve the best and when it comes to Gucci’s leather offerings, the new Gucci Signature Leather tops it all. The all-over GG print makes its appearance on the Padlock bag that she’d love for its multi-carry possibilities. Options make a strong case for a very good handbag.

Available at Gucci.

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