The first optician I ever went to ended up giving me a pair of glasses that were overpowered and caused me headaches. When I went back to see him, he waved me away and told me it’ll take some time for my eyes to adjust. It never did. I just ended up not wearing glasses and squinted when I needed to focus on objects that were further away. Recently I decided to check out O+ because I’d read that they had some stylish and affordable sunglasses. Silas Hwang, co-founder of the brand, ended up convincing me to get a pair of prescription glasses instead, and surprisingly, I’ve been wearing the glasses everyday with no complaints at all. If you’re considering getting a pair of glasses, I recommend you hit up O+. Silas and his team will ensure you’re well taken care off. If you need a little more convincing, here are my top 3 reasons to make them your go-to eyewear store.

David Hwang, Co-founder of O+

1) It’s a family business

Founded by David Hwang, who’s an industry veteran, and his two sons Silas and Shamus, O+ represents the Hwang family’s passion and bloodline. It’s what happens when “old-school” and “new-school” blends perfectly in a brand. David brings years of experience in designing and manufacturing eyewear, while his sons bring their contemporary take on classic designs. In Singapore, family-run optical shops have dissipated over the years, with the influx of major retailers. It’s nice to see stores like O+ daring to push back.

Blake, a new design launched in December 2017

2) Great design, great quality

O+ takes ownership for the entire process of manufacturing its eyewear. From design, to sourcing and production of the frames, everything is deliberate. The brand uses the best possible materials to ensure that the end-product is of high-end quality. O+ places great importance on the human touch, so every frame is partially handmade. Sure, most of the process is automated, but because the brand is so meticulous about design, finishing touches are done by hand. The best part of it all, is that it still remains affordable.

All O+ frames are finished by hand

3) Meticulous measurement and great service

Unlike many optical shops that work on a “$100 All-in” or “Ready in 30 mins” model, O+ puts a lot more pride in their product. They don’t kid around with their craft. The store full suite of instruments to provide a rather thorough check-up on your eye health. I’d never even seen the back of my eyeballs until the optometrist at O+ did a scan for me. I was assured that every walk-in customer gets a chance to have this done, and if the store is too busy, they’ll make an appointment for you. As far as optical shops go, I’ve never had quite a thorough experience.

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